Wisteria vs. Zucca

  1. I have both babies on hold for me for tomorrow ;) . However, due to my financial stats at the moment I'm only ALLOWED to take home 1 of them :yucky: . I have yet to experience the beauty of the Spy so this is my 1st.

    thanks all!
  2. do you have pics of your "two" choices?
  3. man oh man oh man ilovemylilo! this is definitely a toughie. :s i personally have the zucca spy & i LOVE it to death. it's my most awesome of awesome things! lol. however, if i had to choose another spy to covet, it would be the wisteria for sure. here's the thing, it depends on what kind of spy you are looking for.

    wisteria is feminine, simple & classy.
    zucca is classy, chic, & a neckbreaker.
    (as in even the people unfamiliar with the spy will notice how beautiful it is due to the fendi monogram drawing their eyes in. wisteria is noticed mostly by fellow fendi lovers & some unfamiliars with fashionably good taste :graucho: )

    you get me?

    now if you're looking for one that will match any colored outfit possible, i'd say choose wisteria. :yes:

    either way, you're gonna end up with one HOT fendi spy! :yahoo:

    hope ive somehow helped. sorry for the long post :shame:
  4. I say go for the Zucca.
  5. i personally prefer the wisteria
  6. I would say go with the Wisteria.
  7. My choice is definitely the "wisteria" :flowers:
  8. Wisteria!
  9. Wisteria of course!!
  10. I vote for Wisteria as well!!!:yes: It was my first SPY and I LOVE it dearly!!! I prefer zucca print on the inside.:graucho:
  11. My vote goes to Wisteria too! Its so beautiful!!
  12. Wisteria here too! It's more of a classic...gorgeous!
  13. hmmm.......overall I prefer a hologram, a pleated or regular. lol But of the two I personally prefer the zucca because it seems less trendy and like it'll wear better. Plus, the flowers on the wisteria look like they'll soon become a problem.
  14. My practical side says Zucca!...it's really gorgeous inperson! The flowers on the Wisteria may date the Spy, whereas the Zucca seems more classic.:shrugs:
    Fendi Lambskin Zucca Spy - 1750.jpg