Wisteria Spys are they Bubbly?

  1. Does anyone own a Wisteria all leather spy that is really bubbly? I was wondering if any were made, the ones I have seen are not bubbly really at all. They are beautiful bags, but people on here know I only like bubbly spys so if anyone has any pictures or can tell me if bubbly Wisteria spys exist I would be grateful.
  2. What do you mean by bubbly? do you mean the leather seems sort of pebbled? I have a taupe wisteria spy and the leather seems sort of pebbled or veiny-ish (but not like balenciaga veinynes) - it's not completely smooth.
  3. Spys leather is very bubbly, the nappa leather has like bubbles in it. I surpose you could call it pebbled. The spys vary in bubblyness. The Wisteria spys I have seen the leather is quite flat although it is grained as leather should be just not bubbly.
  4. Ahhh, I see. I think mine's quite grained but perhaps not bubbly. I shall try to get a good pic for you later this evening. :yes:
  5. Yes, it is the same turtle-y leather as leather spies, just that there are leather flowers added.