Wisteria Spy

  1. Looking through this thread reminded me again of this Wisteria Honey Spy that I saw a couple years ago, but was soo expensive...

    Are these still around? It was the prettiest spy I had ever seen! :love:

  2. They did have them on Saks website do not know if still their.
    I have the Honey Wisteria its a lovely bag you can also get the shoes to match
  3. Yes, the honey wisteria is definitely still available in department stores. Bluefly also had one for a while.
  4. Ann's Fabulous Finds has one on sale!

    Ive heard that if you tell Ann you're a PFer she will take a % off, but I don't know for sure if that's true. But I have purchased from her, and everything went perfectly.
  5. Oh great! Thanks guys!
  6. Do you guys know if Elux ever carries them?