Wisteria Spy & Small B-Bag on Neimans.com

  1. For all the Fendi fans, the Wisteria spy in white and tan, plus the small tan and black b-bag are available at Neimans.com.
  2. anyone want to buy me a white wisteria spy?
  3. I saw that and it is killing me with love:love: :love: . Now I want the tan one!:lol: :nuts: . It is driving me crazy.. I know I can't have all I want..but all I want is a wisteria spy in tan, that Ferragamo Ostrich, MC Theda Gm and the hobo BV.. that's all!!:P .
  4. I love that wisteria spy too! I'm not loving the price though...:cry:
  5. awesome! I'll go check it out :biggrin: I love when they put out new merchandise. NM is always great when bags have defects etc.
  6. the fendi b-bag is definitely growing on me.
  7. Wisteria is gorgeous gorgeous GORGEEEEEEOOOOUUUSSSSSSS!!!
  8. post pics please!
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