Wisteria spy pics for those interested...

  1. The leather is really soft, softer than all my other spy's. The Flowers are the same leather. I love it! Baghag...here she is!:love:
    fendispy1.jpg fendispy2.jpg fendispy3.jpg fendispy4.jpg
  2. WOW..Once again....I am soo impressed!! CONGRATS
    and by the way..thanks to you I just ordered the green denim LV!!(ALL YOUR FAULT-... LOL!!!!))
  3. Looks beautiful - goes great with your outfit too!
  4. Oh MY!!! I love this bag!!!:nuts: :nuts: :nuts:

    Star, enlighten me for a moment on this bag.

    Is it hard to find in this style? How much was it if you don't mind?
    Does this style come in black?
    If you don't mind me asking, how much was it. I love the color. Oooo weee.

    Tell me more, more, more
  5. Star - Stunning as usual ... you can make any bag drool-worthy!!
  6. Thanks Iluvbags! YES - it was VERY hard to find. I had 2 SA's on it, however I did see someone post that it had been available at NM's or Saks for a time (before I got mine,grrr). My Canadian SA got it special ordered for me in theend. It is not available in black ,but is available in white. In Canadian it came to $3393. I ADORE this color! SO soft in hue! Not too orange.:love:
  7. very pretty. when do you get to use all your bags?!!! lol.
  8. That is my favorite Spy, Star! It looks great on you! Enjoy!
  9. Gorgeous bag Star! You look wonderful carrying it!
  10. That's gorgeous ! Star, you're on a bag buying roll ! ;)
  11. Nice, Starr. Glad to see you shopping again! =)
  12. Beautiful! It's without a doubt one of my favorite Spy bags! Looks GREAT on you! Thanks for the picture!
  13. Great pics and fabulous bag!
  14. Congratulations on a fabulous bag!

  15. Oh boy. $3393 eh? Guess I'd better get this bag off my mind QUICK. No Wisteria Spy for me.

    I'll just look at your photos star3777 and dream:love: