Wisteria Spy Bag !!!

  1. Hi

    Could someone give me an advice...

    I am totally in love with the Wisteria Leather Spy bag. Normally the official colour is grey, but when I look at this picture it seems to me to be brown. And of course I prefer the brown colour... Does it exist in brown ? I would be grateful if someone has this bag and could help me with color... I am afraid to order it in grey and it is not at all what I was looking for...

    I also hesite with a paddi... Help !!! Thanks !!! :girlsigh: :heart:

  2. if u check out pelinka and jills showcase they ahev the wisteria. i think stars does too
  3. I think those came in honey, white and taupe (grey). I have one in honey:
  4. That is the taupe but its not really brown IRL..Its a fleshy looking grey color.I didnt care for it IRL when I saw it..The color was kinda like dead fleshtone...sorry..but thats what it really looked like!LOL!
  5. The wisteria spy was first released S/S 06 in honey and white. It has been re-released F/W 06 in taupe.
  6. i much love it in fresh colors, like irene's
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