Wisteria Spy bag

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  1. My SA called tonight. He's getting the wisteria spy bag in honey and white.$2900.CA.:love: He's says he should receive it in late January. I love this new spy.What color do you think I should get?

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  2. Now THAT is gorgeous!!! I like the color shown actually
  3. ditto
  4. I agree! I enjoy looking at it, but there's too much going on.
  5. I think I am liking that color too. I hope it really does come in January, last time I waited for the velvet squirrel spy bag it took 4 months....only to discover it was too much, tacky. This one really has grown on me though because it is one uniform color with hand sewn leather wisteria's on top of the bag. I hope they come soon.
  6. I love it.. The color and the design just simply beautiful.. But I don't think I need two spy as of now..
  7. ok it is a gorgeous bag ... but as TWO separate bags ... get what i mean? the spy is an everyday funky bag ... the details on this one are very cute ... they go better on a cute bag for evenings and dressy occassions ... not on a spy ... although it is very pretty :smile: ... but i feel the spy shouldnt be "pretty" it should be funky :smile:
  8. I can see what you are saying:P .....But for lunch in Bal harbour I think I will get away with both ideas. For some occasions too. It is not an everyday bag for me, but it suits me because of exactly what you said...It's more romantic with a funky edge.:P
  9. (It's more romantic with a funky edge) <== i like that :biggrin:
    have fun with it and flaaaaaunt it girl!!! haha