Wisteria Spy, Anyone?

  1. I happened to *stumble* into the NYC Fendi on 5th while out and about today.

    If anyone is interested, they have :heart: 2 HONEY WISTERIA SPY BAGS :heart: (one in the window, the other inside by the registers). I have this bag and love it!

    They also had a plain black and a plain honey inside.
  2. :heart:Yummy Honey!!!:heart:

    Thanks for the update!
  3. Cool.
  4. Love the Wisteria!!!
  5. The Wisteria is one of my most favourite bags, so beautiful.

    Wish they would bring out a Blueberry Wisteria:drool:
  6. Thanks for the awesome sighting info! I am going there to look at it tomorrow! :yes:
  7. Oh, blueberry wisteria would be so divine! :drool:
  8. I know, thats what dreams are made of:heart: