Wisteria Shoes and Wisteria Spy Bag

  1. As promised here are my Wisteria shoes I got yesterday along with my Wisteria Bag, they match perfectly. The shoes are comfortable which is good as not that great at walking in heels....LOL hope you like them.

    Theirs a couple of modeling shots please excuse my super white awful legs but live in jeans.
    132_3293.JPG 132_3284.JPG 132_3285.JPG 132_3277.JPG 132_3280.JPG
  2. Saich...these shoes are AMAZING!!! Love them with the wisteria Spy, such a fabulous combo sweetie!! Hopefully, with the good weather you can wear them a lot!!
  3. :sad: I'm never gonna get that wisteria from you now that you have matching shoes am I???? sob sob!!

    :yes: Unless - you have the same size feet as me - hee he!

    Seriously they are stunning shoes, congrats. The look fantastic together and you will so look amazing working them in the summer!
  4. Those are super cute together!
  5. Thanks you guys, think the shoes will look better on my "sparrow legs" once I get a tan in the US in a few weeks time.
    This is the first time I have bought Fendi shoes, usually get Dior for heels, as they have padding in the bottom so they are more comfortable, but these Fendi ones are lovely. Love things that match.
  6. Love the shoes & the bag :yes: Congrats on the newbies Saich :yahoo:
  7. Both are lovely! That wisteria Spy is such a great bag! Love the shoes too! Enjoy!
  8. Wow! I love both! Absolutely stunning! Thanks for posting pics of your lovely bag and matching shoes!
  9. Both are GORGEOUS!!!:love:
  10. love it!
  11. OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!! I just had a mini heart-attack. I'm GREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN with envy! Beside myself with LOOOOOOVE for both of them. :drool: And the shoes look so sexy on you, you hot mama! :graucho: Congrats on a fabulous and perfect find. :heart: :heart:
  12. Love It!
  13. Beautiful!!! I love them!
  14. Gorgeous!!
  15. I LOVE IT!!!! It looks terrific on you!!! :heart: :heart: I am so happy for you, but I am dying of envy too!!!Why does the European Fendi stores get all the great stuff!! WAH!!! :cry: