Wisteria Fendi Spy at Saks.com

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  1. There's the new Fendi w/ Flowers on Saks. I think it's called the Wisteria Spy? The detailing is really gorgeous... :love:

  2. woops! when i tried to go look at it i accidently typed www.spy.com instead of www.saks.com, haha!

    very pretty!
  3. oooo, so pretty

    and for anyone that's looking for one, i noticed that their honey spy is no longer on preorder, it appears to be readily available, plus you get 10% off with shopfeb, so go for it!
  4. ohhhh, love the flower details for the wisteria spy:love:
  5. It's pretty!
  6. Why did you have to mention this? :P I want that honey Spy! I just put it in my shopping cart. Must not click checkout.....
  7. Christina is in trouble- called Wick quick!;)
  8. No you didn't....did you?? :amazed:
  9. Let's all step in and say NOOOOO!!!!! No more bags for you! (Where's Wickedassin when you need her?)
  10. I hate to be the enabler here...but go for it! lol
  11. A little ot...but what is the meaning of the squirrels? I notice they are on the denim too.
  12. Apparently the squirrels are an old FENDI logo that was dug up from their design archives.
  13. Sadly, I didn't. But I about needed an intervention :lol: Buying it would put me in the hole, big time. Not worth it for a bag! Maybe for my birthday I can get some financial assistance ;) But by then I'll probably want something completely different :P

  14. DO NOT ASK me to intervent to say NO because I needed help too!!! I am not a good adviser for this:evil: .

    I wonder how many Wisteria Spy they have in stock!! OMG now I want that bag too!!! I am on the waiting list for the gold/silver spy too!! :nuts: :nuts:
  15. OK, stupid question - the picture that was on the Saks site - what color is that Wisteria spy in the pic? They had the color listed as "Brown" available on the pre-order, but the pic looks to be honey colored. Then someone else on the TFS forum said the color was like honey/rust which I take to be DIFFERENT from just plain old Honey. Anyone up on the Fendi colors? If I order this bag and they have "brown" listed as the color, is it gonna look like that pic or darker?