Wishlist- What Bag do you want right now?


I love bags
Sep 13, 2005
Personally, I want a Bottega Bag more than anything! I saw them in the store and got to feel how beautiful their leather is and yearn for one big time!! (hint hint Vlad!) ;)
Let me take a wild guess Megs... the Topaz Tooled Veneta for $1,680 or the Vaticano Cervo Tote for $1,350 are probably the ones you like the most, am I right? :love:


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I saw a Bottega bag very similar to purple bag pictured there @ NM Last call in Arizona. I think the price on it was only $500 or so. I'm not sure if it had the zipper though.

Edit: Same color and everything, not sure if Bottega has different shades of purple, but I'm sure it was that exact one.

In the near future I am planning to get the medium version of the YSL St. Tropez large I just got :love:
Oh, well, this is a nice topic to discuss. There are so many designer bags I would like...Let's start with a Vuitton's 'Demi Lune Denim Chinchilla' (the mix monogrammed denim+chichilla fur is amazing)


I also love this YSL's 'Mombasa' (it is a classic bag, but it is still so modern)


Probably, on top of my wish-list there is this Gucci bag


It is a model of the brand new 'Guccissima' line, the big hobo bag with the horse-bit detail on the handle! It's wonderful!
Ooooh, I'm stalking two Bottega bags! Actually, its Megs' 'fault'! I first saw them on the blog and went from there. I want either the Jardin Decalee (I have to learn how to post photos -- anyone wanna help me?) or the Ruched Jardin handle bag. I'm sort of leaving it to serendipity. I gave both photos to my saleswoman at Bergdorf's and I told her I'd take one. She's seeing what she can get. If it were up to her, I'd have the Decalee -- its more $, more commission for her! But we'll have to see.

I managed to find some images of the Bottega Veneta bags you are talking about, Heather. They're both beautiful, but I prefer the first, 'Jardin Decalee', because it is much more particular than the second, 'Ruched Jardin' (in the photo there are both clutch and hand-bag).


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For some reason this caught me eye on elux:


Going to Fendi to see if they have it so I can see it in person. I need a new white bag.

Also thinking about ordering this:


The style has really grown on me and the quality of the Tanner Krolle bags I already own is awesome! :love:
I'm so pleased to hear what you had to say about Tanner Krolle. I just bought my first this week. I wanted a brown fur bag (soft, not pony skin) and thought I'd buy the Gucci Hobo with the lasered rabbit but I found a beautiful TK with great leather pom-poms on it for almost half the price of the Gucci! I'm so pleased to hear I made a good buy.

I STILL can't figure out how to add photos! I found the tab to manage attachments but it seems to indicate I first have to have the image saved on my PC. Is that true? How do you get proprietary images from retailer's websites saved to your PC? Help!

hehe yeah, I've been a Tanner Krolle fan for a while :smile: Quality is just excellent! I wish that the local Neiman Marcus carried more of them. I really wanted a My Lovely last season (especially the one in metallic ostrich) but the store didn't bring it in :sad: I am really happy that saks started carrying them online, so I'm hoping they add more eventually.

As for adding photos if you find a photo you want to save online right click over it and then click save picture as or as save, depending on your operating system. Save it to somewhere on your drive, then enter that location when you want to upload the picture to this site. Hope I wasn't confusing!!!
I like your choice! :smile:

Looks amazing! It's really beautiful!

I like Fendi! I got a Fendi Small Hologram Spy Satchel for my sister last week. It's about $200 cheaper here though. At eluxury it's $1510 the DFS here it was only $1300. Oh man she better like it!!!

I wish I can get her a bigger one soon. :smile:

Call me weird but I really like this...
Fendi - Squirrel Shearling Boot

But I'll look like a dumb ass, it's so hot here at Guam. There's no winter & fall, just spring & summer. Maybe I can bring it to Japan for X-mas break... I dunno.... LOL
Yeah, I'm hoping that bag is as nice at the store as it is in pictures :smile: Sometimes I'm really disappointed with things in person, I'm picky! Those are cute boots, I'd rock them! I live in HI and its pretty hot here too :biggrin: