Wishlist time....

  1. OK, so my bag ban lasted a good month :lol: and I am now carefully considering my next purchase. I'm mindful of not wanting to buy anything I haven't tried out IRL first. And I'm also trying to think about what I need rather than what I covet.

    What I need is a black leather bag, one shoulder strap with a comfortable length drop. I'd like it to close at the top and preferably not be too heavy. I am thinking about the MJ Christy (I know, I know, wrong forum!) but I really would prefer a Mulberry. However, it seems like it's the wrong season to look for a black bag. I was going to make an exception to the one strap thing for the Mollie but I really didn't like it that much IRL.

    I am finding myself thinking more and more about the classic Roxanne but I'm not sure that black is the best colour for Roxy. I love her in oak but wonder if she would be too similar to my oak Emmy :girlsigh: Also, I really don't have a gap in my wardrobe for the Roxanne - I just feel like I'll end up getting one at some point.

    And then, I get bored on my quest for a black bag and start thinking about colour.

    I love the Mulberry whites & pinks that are around at the moment but I have a white bag and a pink bag already so I definitely don't need anything (although the combination of white leather and silver hardware is fab :tup:)

    I think I have a gap in my handbag wardrobe for something in indigo or purple. So, the indigo EW Bayswater is definitely on my radar. I also don't have any smaller bags that I could use for evening - the EWB might fulfill this brief. Plus, it shouldn't be too expensive if I can find one at one of the outlets.

    I haven't seen it IRL yet, but I really love the Milton in marine. However, I just don't think I could hand over that much money for a handbag - even if I did fund it by selling some of my existing bags. My initial thought was to save like mad and buy it but now I'm thinking that, if I love it, I'll wait for the sales and, if it's meant to be, I'll be able to get one. (In the meantime, I spotted the Chloe Maya on Matches in turquoise or purple and really love that, too - surprisingly, it's cheaper than the Milton, but I'm sure it's not to everyone's taste and, again, wrong forum. I'm just trying to consider ALL my options before my next purchase. You see, I *have* gotten sensible)

    Anyway, sorry, this is a long rambling post. Just thinking out loud really. Has anyone got any comments on any of the bags I've mentioned? Alternatively, what's on your wishlist this Spring/Summer??

  2. OK, I know I'm being a loser quoting my own post :rolleyes: but I've just realised that I've described my Araline above :lol: So, perhaps the reason I can't get excited about a black bag is that I already have one.

    "but I want one in darwin" - *angry toddler stamps foot* :lol:
  3. LOL Dita! Are you definately not a fan of the Mollie? One of those in black would be nice. Or the Poppy? I think thats one strap. I can honestly say theres no gap whatsoever in my bag collection just now :wtf: I've already had both a pink and purple mulberry bag and sold both because as much as I loved the colours they just dont fit in with my lifestyle.

    I keep considering selling my emmy but eBay is so riddled with fakes I keep thinking I wouldnt get a decent price because people would assume its a fake (even though I have the receipt!) I love the emmy but its very heavy and it doesnt close very securely so I always feel like stuff is going to fall out of it.
  4. Ditab - ha! Beat you, I'm still on my ban!!
    Anyway, black bag dilemma - how about Alana? It's similar shape to Roxy & Emmy but it's one strap. It's Darwin and you can get them for a good price at the outlets. You know how fussy I am about bags but I love my Alana. It's tucked away for S/S now but I used it a heck of a lot in the winter. Have been thinking about it in another lighter colour though - possibly ginger.

    I'm with you on the Milton. Love the colour, hate the price. No way am I paying that! Will wait for it to come through the outlets, which it will.

    Indigo - yum. I'm wearing a lot more blue & have thought about adding something in indigo. Great colour.
  5. I loved the Mollie from the photos but was completely underwhelmed IRL. Having said that, some of it could be down to my expectations being too high. But I was really disappointed with the straps not being adjustable and so the bag didn't fit comfortably over my shoulder. Hence a definite no for an everyday bag as I've already got several that I can't wear on the shoulder.

    I do like the Poppy satchel but a) I'm not sure if it comes in black and b) it doesn't seem to close at the top. I LOVE the pleated Poppy but it would definitely be an arm bag as the shape meant I couldn't get it over my shoulder comfortably.

    I know I'm sounding really picky but I'm really trying to be less impulsive (she says, about to phone the outlets about the EW Bayswater :lol:)

    IKWYM about the Emmy - it is an awkward shape, and heavy, but I love mine so much I'm prepared to overlook those things. If you want to sell, you shouldn't let all the fakes on eBay put you off. Yes, there are people bidding on the fakes but there are also people that will only bid on the real thing. Just check out the "authenticate this" thread to see how many. If you put something like "realistically priced as this a 100% authentic Mulberry Emmy" it *should* make potential bidders aware that there are loads of fakes out there, without actually drawing attention to them.
  6. sarajane - I know :shame: Although I have just sold my Ayler so, in theory, I'm replacing a bag :lol:

    I think the Alana is a bit boxy for my everyday requirements :rolleyes: I know, I'm a pain! I've tried the Emmy using one strap at the ends (ie Alana style) and, while it is more comfortable than the Emmy, it's still not quite what I'm after.

    That said, I haven't used my Araline for months - perhaps I don't need a black bag as much as I think I do, and should hold out for next winter.

    ETA Maybe they'll bring out a black Soho with silver hardware, I'd love that!

    How are you so certain that the Milton will hit the outlets? Do all the bags get there at some point? I've only ever bought past season sale stuff from the outlets - not current bags. I'm assuming it would go into the sale in June, 30% off with an extra 10% off - hmmm, that's still £470 :sad: I think I'm going to really have to love this bag IRL....
  7. Dita - Milton will get there and I reckon it will be there before the end of the season. Shepton has current bags - ones that haven't made the grade quality wise. I saw Mabels there within weeks of it being released. It's just a case of being lucky.
    I'm not sure about the June sale - often the new line doesn't go in.
    You do have a black bag so why not hang on until the new winter line or have a trawl through what's around at the May meet?
    The Somerset hobo is nice, reckon that'll be showing up at the outlets.
  8. I don't have a Mulberry dream bag from this collection really (except the Mollie, which I bought straight away!!). I like the poppy in yellow, but I would never buy it.
    I like the East West Bayswater and some of the other bags are classic, but I am not really feeling the spring/summer bags yet? I know I will change my mind when the new bags get online.
  9. I'd like a smaller bag in oak. I saw a woman with a battered Rosemary in oak which was :heart: so that's a contender. I am going to save up and try to visit an outlet in the summer.
  10. I got an oak rosemary at the xmas sale and its lovely! Have been using it loads, the shoulder strap is great, absolutely love the colour, great size, great shape, not too heavy and its getting nicer with age; I've collonilled it up and am using it in all weathers and situations to get it nice and battered. Can't recommend it enough! :tup: :tup::tup: I have to say its one of my favourite:heart: bags.
  11. Orkneydaisy, Im really interested in how your mulberry rosemary is doing, do you use it in the rain? Mine is a year old now and it still looks like new, I want it to look patina-d and worn in (but probably havent used it enough for this) :rolleyes: Im wondering whether to just go for it and take it out in the rain to speed up the ageing process :lol: but I dont want to 'ruin' it :s

    With regards to bag lust, Im satisfied at the moment *smug smilie* but then I guess thats because I only just got my ledbury and havent used it yet :nogood: I will do soon though, maybe this weekend?!

    Long term lust includes;

    something in lavendar darwin
    something in olive darwin or apple

    not sure of the style, but I like the blenheim (definately), alana, mollie and phoebe :smile:
  12. ditab- how about a black Effie - one strap shoulder bag???
  13. Hulahoop, just go for it with the rosemary! I've colonilled mine up (used a whole can already) and its looking fab, its had a month of being used nearly every day, in all weathers(january in scotland!), even had my ds get burger king grease and ice cream on it and its looking good. I'd just go for it with regards to the rain, mine isnt watermarked but its definately aged and looking fab. Its YOUR bag, you want it to get wee marks and scuffs to show its well loved and used; by YOU! You didnt buy rosemary and spend £££ to have her sit in her dustbag! Just spray and go!

  14. That's a good idea, Jo :tup: I haven't seen one in black yet. The oak looks a little casual but I think that's probably down to the colour. I'll definitely keep my eyes open - I think it could look fab in black :yes: And it even closes at the top :yahoo: Gold star for you!
  15. My pleasure!!! get ringing those outlets!