wishlist thread?


But it was on sale!
Mar 9, 2007
South Jersey
The closest thing to a wishlist thread is the thread in the Coach shopping subforum where you can post what you are looking for and others will help you locate it if they can. I don't recall the exact name of the thread.

No Cute

cupcake butt
Aug 17, 2008
Do you think we could have a wishlist? The things we can't look for but would enjoy wearing. Even the things we know we can't afford would be fun to shop.

I've started a high end wishlist I never intend to fulfill, but it's fun shopping for the bags all the same.

Want and will never pony up for:
Versace Patent Large Icon Handbag
Kooba Blake in patent amethyst
Chloe Saskia turquoise
Jimmy Choo Alex, Monna, or Mahala in liquid patent and suede
Louis Vuitton accessories and daybag

We could do a Coach specific one if anyone else wants to.