wishlist,if you were me...

  1. I want to make me a gift but I can't take a decision,please help me!
    My wish list is:
    a large Ultra ring from Chanel(black or white ceramic+with gold,large model)
    or:another front pocket Paddy in roche colour(I have this bag in "galet")
    or:a chocolate hobo paddy(shoulder paddington?),same color as my shoes, but they are perfect with my ecureil Edith too.I can have this bag for half price,a bargain but I'm affraid to be fast fed up with this shape.
    If you were me,what would you do?
    Many thanks!
    PS:i let a photo of my collection,it could be usefull to take a decision.
    coll CHLOE.JPG
  2. I would go with choco, don't know about the shape but just adore the color!
  3. Hi catcat!When I watch your beautifull choco paddy,I understand...
  4. Chocolate or ivory would make a nice addition to your collection. Not sure which bag though. Which is your favorite?
  5. I love big bags(I'm quiet tall),I love regular Paddys but I choosed the pocket 'cause this form is not as seen as the most popular.I love the zipper(bowler?)too.
    This is a picture of the shoulder paddy.The one I could purchase is chocolate and cost 57O euros(754 $)instead of the double.
    Don't forget...if I buy this paddy,I couldn't buy another bag or the chanel's ring...
    0069.JPG.jpg 0070.JPG.jpg 0071.JPG.jpg
  6. I like it, it's more casual so it all depends on what you are looking for.
  7. I really like the pocket paddy as well - I prefer the boxier stlye. I have not seen too many of the them. The chloe boutique in NYC did not even have any in stock or I probably would have gotten one of those. I think that will be my next purchase.
    Since you are tall, the shoulder paddy (hobo style) might be nice. I am only 5'2" so it would be too long for me!!
    I am not familiar with the chanel ring.
    Which do you think you would get the most use out of? Which one really makes you smile? Which one can you not stop thinking about? These are the things that I think about when I am trying to make a decision.
    Hmmm.... Let us know what you choose and post pics!!!
  8. Crouner,your "questionnary" is perfect...thanks,promiss I'll let you know!