Wishlist for December PCE

  1. So October is almost half way over and I'm dreaming about Dec. PCE!
    I got an invite last time and didn't use it, so I'm hopping to get one again!
    I would like to get a few holiday gifts and maybe some goodies for me: Choc. Ergo tote, Chelsea wristlet, and the Legacy shoulder flap.
    My fingers and toes are crossed that I get an invite!!!:girlsigh:

    Does anyone else have a PCE list already???:graucho:
  2. Signature Stripe Multi Fuction Tote
    Hamptons Signature Checkbook Wallet
    Hamptons Signature Large Flap Wristlet :idea::idea:
  3. Bleecker signature wristlet in khaki/wine, that's it and I'll be happy:yes:
  4. A new bag for sure. I haven't had a new Coach bag since July. A new muffler scarf, and more shoes.
  5. Signature Stripe Tote

    That's all. I must must must have this bag!!
  6. I'm on a bag ban, but if I win my fight to get invited to PCE I am gonna get a scarf or shoes.
  7. Oh good grief...where do I start?

    Okay, here goes

    Leigh in either camel or clay (i've heard rumors from an SA it's coming out in clay)
    Weslyn boots
    Fara pump in black
    Tattersall cashmere muffler
  8. hmm, probably an Elisa, since you can still order the 2006 Legacies, I will get one of those too. This is all of course if they dont come out with something else i like for the holidays....
  9. Bleecker xl lace satchel :heart::heart::heart:
    striped muffler
    ...oh yeah I'm on a ban....:smash:
    But by then....?
  10. I'm definitely buying an everyday wallet this time. The last two PCE's I have gotten a couple of bags but was always too cheap to buy the wallet I really want. It's top of my list this time! Not sure which one, but I'm coming home with a wallet!

    (and maybe a purse... or two... :smile:
  11. Probably a Bleeker compact clutch/wallet in black signature or maybe in leather.
    Maybe a bag if I don't get another legacy slim flap before PCE.
  12. If I get a PCE invite, then I am thinking about getting a Leigh in either whiskey or black leather. That's it (for now, anyway!)
  13. Probably the Chelsea turnlock wristlet in black leather (if it's still around) and the black and white signature ponytail scarf!
  14. The Thompson Leather Slouch Hobo posted in another thread!
  15. Bleecker Compact Clutch in Choc Sig (to match Carly). Of course my list is likely to grow depending on what they release between now and then!!