wishlist fall/winter 2007/2008

  1. thought it would be fun to start one and post pics as we acquire what we want.... :drool:

    slim pant in brown and/ or black

    black ankle boots - not sure whether high or low heel (preferably I would get the Viola Hudson ones I have in black.. why didn't I buy these last year when I found them??? ah)

    top wish: BV veneta medium/ lrg in ebano... yeah right

    love super long sweaters, t shirts and blouses so I few of these in neutrals.
  2. plain black leather louboutin decolettes
    black lanvin ballet flats
    black theory suit
    grey serpent missoni wrap dress
    black gucci watch
    'margaret' juicy couture suit
    paisley sand uggs
    chester mini uggs

    that is all :smile:
  3. Top wish: AP Alinghi for ladies (crossing my fingers)
    Bag #1: Fendi "B" bag
    Bag #2: LV Vernis porchette
    Shoe: Dunno, maybe an LV? Or lous?
    More Vacations to show off the outfits?!
  4. - cashmere tunics
    - winter boots (not uggs)
    - balenciaga bag
    - long winter coat
  5. Christian Louboutin studded ankle boots
  6. Raw silk jacket
    '30s velvet jacket
    Black Tod's loafers
    '20s silver vanity case
    A cape
  7. I got most of my list at Nordstrom recently. Here's what I have left:
    B Bag
    Graphic Print Blouses (Trina Turk has some coming out for fall))
    Cashmere/Merino sweaters
    T&K Snake Clutch
    Printed Winter Skirt
    Kitten Heel Knee High Boots
    David Yurman Necklace

  8. I love those boots!!!!
  9. My wishlist:
    1. Black tweed Chanel jacket
    ^^^ I think that's it! I found the perfect one at my favorite consignment store, but unfortunately don't have the $$$ to buy it right now!
  10. I'd like some cool bicolour or degrade sweaters.
  11. annemerrick, why is it that I can't access your website anymore? I wanted to look at some bags
  12. I won't necessarily get all of these but:
    --a pile of cashmere sweaters
    --a Chanel tweed suit
    --a BV bag
    --a few DvF dresses
    and some antique diamond earrings
  13. Well...I forgot I even have the website signature!! We moved back to the States, and are going to regroup the whole thing! It was based in HK when I was there...but now I am here, and have to redo it!! Thanks for trying to look though...I had all of my stock sent over, and am doing home parties right now!!!
  14. would love the CL decollete

    I got so far the ankle boots - no major brand as I want to wear them everyday and I have my closet full of shoes I am saving for I don't know what...

    the slim pants and a grey super long sweater

    keep them coming!

    annemerrick - congrats on moving back home!
  15. I *need*:

    - a new long winter coat (I'm thinking dark grey...black just attrcts cat hair LOL)
    - brown & black loafers (I live in these walking across campus every day)
    -a couple more pairs of jeans (need a black pair, a some dark blue ones)
    - Alexander McQueen skull scarves (1-2 of them)
    - more fun winter scarves
    - black leather gloves
    - cashmere sweater
    - long sleeve tops

    I need to do some damage. I'm really trying to build up my wardrobe with 'dressier' more mature clothes! My summer wardrobe needs some work too....probably going to hit up some sales in the next month or so as everyone desperately clears out summer stock!