Wishing you all a very Mulberry Christmas!

  1. To all the Mulberry girls - have a very happy Christmas and New Year and here's wishing you all lots of lovely Mulberry shaped parcels under the tree. :love:

    My boys have broken up from school and my mother has arrived so I'm only going to get the odd chance to pop in so taking a quiet moment to wish you all a great time.
    Will look forward to seeing all your new bags in the pic threads and will be reporting back after my trip to Shepton Mallet for the first day of the sale on Dec 27. :graucho:
  2. Happy Christmas and New Year to you. Let's hope it's one filled with Mulberry goodies :love:
  3. :love: Wishing you all a wonderful christmas and a happy new Mullberry-year :love:

    And a great sale, of course ;)
  4. Yay!! Merry Christmas Sarajane!!! Sending you lots of love for the festive season and the very best of health for the New Year!!!! And of course some serious Mulberry shopping on the 27th!!! Fingers crossed on the claret Joni for you!!!:heart::love::heart:
  5. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    Hope you find the bag of your dreams!
  6. Merry Christmas to everyone and I hope there is a lovely Mulberry under the tree for all!! I get really mushy this time of year, so thanks to all for the fun and I send best wishes for a great year of good health and peace!

    xxxxxxx to all!

    PS I hope all you that were under the weather are all bright skies today!!
  7. Yay!!!!!!!!!! Merry Christmas to everybody!!! To all the Mulberry regulars on here new and established,lots of love to all of you!!!!!!!!!:heart::love::heart::love:
  8. Merry Christmas you nice ladies on the Mulberry forum!
    Thanks for listening to my queries and helping me pick out my Mulberrys this year. Will ooh and aah over all your purchases bought in England's outlets after Christmas -- do share all and show pics.
    Calm and bright light to you all from the tropics!
    Love, TropicalGal
  9. Wishing everyone a very Mulberry Christmas :heart:

    Hope we all get what we want ( I`d better !!!) XXXXXX
  10. Merry Christmas and a happy new Mulberry year!

    May you all be well prepared for the sales!!!:p
  11. Merry Mulberry Xmas everyone!!!!

    can't wait to see all the piccies in the New Year!
  12. Merry christmas everyone have a good day and don't get too stressed take a bit of time for yourselves
  13. Nollag Shona daoibh go leir(Merry Christmas to you all) lots of love Aine
  14. :drinkup::heart: Merry christmas to Mulberry fans around the world:heart::drinkup: