Wishing on a star for EB First...

  1. Ok I've been going out of my mind trying to locate an Electric Blue First...if any of you ladies or gents see one out there can you PLMK?
  2. Barney's Seattle had one at 1:30pm today.
  3. Check Diabro. They have it listed right now. I've ordered from them before and never had any problems ... great service.

  4. check AR. i bought one from them a week ago.
  5. AR has few last week..:smile:
  6. try Barneys LA! :smile: let us know when you find it!
  7. IIRC Greta Luxe has a EB First with RH sitting prettily by the window... but that's Boston :\
  8. I saw a FANTASTIC one hanging on display at balny yesterday. It was adorable.