Wishing for a Tiny LV Monogram Canvas... Which to Pick?

  1. One of my dearest friends carries a big LV bag everyday, but also owns the most adorable little LV for evenings out. I'm sure you all know it: the Mini Sac HL. She probably wouldn't mind if I bought one, too, but I would feel wrong about it. So, is there another LV bag you would recommend for carrying just a bit of cash, my car keys, cellphone, lipstick, and credit cards? You know, the evening essentials, so I don't have to schlep my big LV Looping or any of my Balenciaga bags with me when my husband and I go out to dinner.

    :idea: Some ideas I had include:
    Monogram Pouchette Tulum
    Pochette Cancun
    Wapity Case
    Monogram Canvas Papillon Accessories Pouch
    Pochette Tikal
    Berlingot (do they make that in the classic Monogram Canvas?)
    Mini Pochette Accessoires
    Mini Ellipse

    I want it to be small and cute, but useful as well, and I'd rather not spend $thousands! TIA.:yes:
  2. The Berlingot only comes in Monogram Multicolore.

    Out of those choices, I'd choose:
    -Mini Ellipse
  3. i just bought the mini pochette and i am in lvoe! :love:
    it doesn't fit enough to carry too much.
    keys, phone, lip stuff, little mirror and c/c's and money (not in a wallet, just clipped together, so far! waiting on the mono c/c holder to put it in!)
  4. I would suggest a mini ellipse or a wapity. Only because those are the ones I want
  5. one more thing, as much as i love my mini mono pochette, i am DYING for the mini speddy hl. i can't stand that there is a speedy so tiny and so cute that is NOT in my collection. i am dying over her! and i think it fits a bit more than my mono pochette.

    and , please, how can you go wrong, ITS A SPEEDY!
  6. i agree...
    just get the mini hl! your friend will probably think its cute!
    and it holds a lot!!!!
    heres a white mc pic to help you decide!
    (i am aware ive used these pics over and over again, but they really are nice)

    its very useful! it holds this much!

  7. do you seriously fit a bottle of water in it?
    that's it. im getting one next week!
  8. Out of those, my favorite would be the pochette tikal. Here is a comparision of the tikal, mini ellipse and a mc wapity for size for you.

  9. then again, you could get a diff color speedy than she has. multi black white or mono, what ever is diff.

    lvoe it!

    the other nice thing about the mini mono pochette is that is fits comfortably under your arm. no chance of putting it down and losing it. its also comfy to keep on your shoulder if you are out dancing. it works pretty well. the detachable strap was great last weekend b/c i hooked it through a belt loop once i was too drunk to walk (never mind watch my purse) and it made it all the way home with me just fine! hands free!

  10. Can you put a strap on the pochette tikal?
  11. Yep! :yes:
  12. it really really fits!
    but it has to go bottom first!
  13. Awwwh tink you have the cutest stuff! Makes me crave that fortune cookie ellipse more!
  14. Aaarrghghgh.... how does one decide? :confused1: The Mini Ellipse I think has the loveliest lines, but does it hold anything? So many people seem to adore the Wapity, but to me, it looks like a little box. Does it have more charm than that in person? I love the shape of the Berlingot, but does it hold anything more than a few cents in change? Plus, it doesn't come in the mono, and I think I'm sticking with that... although if someone comes up with a FABULOUS suggestion (purple vernis?) that looks great when you set it on the table at a restaurant, I could be swayed!!:yes:
    twinkle.tink, your pic is terrific (I am jealous!),and I do love the style of the Tikal, but it is overpriced?
  15. you can do the pochette accessories. the chain strap on that is way pretty!