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wishing and waiting

Mar 19, 2007
I feel bad starting a whole new thread for this, but I guess that's what the forum can be for....I have been searching for just a simple white caviar e/w flap with classic chain. If anyone sees one at a store I would be forever indebted. Just pm me or post here. THANKS!!! :heart: sheana


aka Minal :)
Dec 7, 2006
The city that never sleeps!
Hey girl. :smile: I haven't seen it (or at least I can't remember seeing it haha), but the NM where I shop at White Plains, Ny always has a great selection. Try calling them - 914-428-2000... ext. 2517 for Michael - the SA whom I like best there. Good luck... maybe someone has more concrete info to share though!! :smile:


Nov 28, 2006
Hi belle - I saw a white classic caviar flap at NM Atlanta on Wednesday. I can't remember if it was the E/W or the Medium, though. If you want to call and ask, Paige is the Chanel specialist there. She's kinda rude and doesn't like answering questions though, so you can also ask for Alex. He's extremely helpful.