Wishing, and hoping for just one more...

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  1. if you could add just ONE more chanel bag to you collection, what would it be? today, i added the last piece (red square mini) to my very classic collection and can't think of anything else i would want to buy. it would be great to hear what everyone's holy grail bag is? :smile:
  2. Really very content at the moment, just waiting for my Caviar Boy, but I would love to add a Navy caviar rectangle mini with SHW as well sometime :smile:
  3. I would like a seasonal lambskin flap with a turn lock. Preferably chevron (wish I had bought the like a chevron)!
  4. I want the square mini in caviar chevron, unfortunately, it's not available in the US and I'm broke. Lol
  5. I think that I'd probably get one of the monster travel bags -- I was pretty impressed by them when I saw them in person -- that being SAID, I'm on a hiatus until August, so not sure if they'll still be around!
  6. Not a HG bag but I'm still looking for just the right rectangular mini with silver hardware....I do hear only in Paris they sell a mini in embossed Camellia like the SLG's and I'd love to have that bag...Actually I'd go to Paris just to buy it if it were available :smile:
  7. Chevron taupe lambskin old medium boy
  8. Cityivy, I hear you say "enough" but I don't think that mean "stop buying", we are all in this loop :biggrin:. Please show your family pix.

    Im waiting for the boy caviar but not so sure about it until it actually comes out.
  9. This is a really tough question... I started with my first Chanel (a caviar boy) in August 2014, and then went kind of crazy and about 8 more bags in 2015. And then yesterday, I found a brand new black camellia WOC for only $1200, so I had to snap that up.

    The good news is that I'm no longer craving anything in particular, and I'm sure my wallet will thank me, but I probably wouldn't turn down another caviar mini... :smile:
  10. I'm pretty content but I think if I had the budget for one more bag it would probably be a grey or red medium boy w/rhw. I sent myself to ban island after buying 4 bags MORE than I intended to buy during my last trip to Paris. My husband has since built a jail on this island, physically put me in this jail and threw away the key....soooooooo definitely no "one more bag" in my near future. LOL

    Btw, my holy grail has always been a black caviar single flap jumbo w/ghw and I somehow managed to get one in new condition in 2014. I thought it would be my first (and last!) Chanel but who are we kidding, right?!
  11. I really want to say that I have an answer for this one, but the truth is, I answered that question many bags ago in my head (and to my husband) and realized that there will always be that one more "last bag" until the next season comes out and Chanel wins over self control again.... sigh... *evil Karl*

    I'm typically a very reliable person, but now Chanel has made me a total liar!

    I continue to have a "next bag" on my list (totally unplanned and after I've checked all my classic wants off my so called list) and seem to continually fail epically on appreciating what is meant by "last bag" each time I say it, and meant it, until the next season...

    Currently it's this beautiful beige/pink vanity case. Why can't there be more birthdays? Why isn't my wedding anniversary in April? sigh...


    *true confession of a Chanel bag addict*

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  12. I guess this may be true....that there will always be 'one last bag'. But with all the exorbitant price increases, I'm not sure I can justify spending this much on a bag anymore. I will just have to admire everyone's new bags for the rest of the year and hope nothing catches my eye! :smile:
  13. Great thread, cityivy. A few years back, I felt content with my CCs. Last year and this year, I worked on getting my reissue HGs, black with ghw and red with ghw (both distressed calfskin), plus I was fortunate to add a few more reissue pieces. Now I'm ready to go back to CCs. Hoping to add a mini in blue and possibly a woc or seasonal in beige/camel.

  14. Agreed. The prices are just so high now. I want more Chanel bags but I can't justify the price because I can't justify the use...

    Maybe a caviar boy but in all reality, as much as I love my current boy, I do find the closure kind of cumbersome... It's a lot of flap lol.

    Hmmm... Actually, I think a medium caviar flap would be my last bag. Jumbos seem too large for me.
  15. A lamb medium cf in a pop colour. A so black cf if it's ever released again. And then I'm done. I think. But I said that a few bags ago! Oh and maybe a beige cf. Somebody stop me!