wishing a little fairy would drop down from heaven with a......

  1. bubblegum city or a rose city!

    a girl can only dream! :rolleyes:
  2. lol~~~~~ i love this saying, and i am wish too~
  3. hehe!! it's a great saying!! i am glad everyone has the ability to wish and dream! it makes the world a much brighter place!
  4. I think the rose color is so pretty too & I am NOT a pink kinda girl lol

    I wish a fairy would throw me a Seafoam, Green Apple & Marigold... which I would sell :p.. well, maybe not the seafoam...

    There was a rose city on anne's finds not too long ago, but unfortunately it's sold now :sad:
  5. 04 Rose or Marigold. I'm not picky, I'd take either. :graucho:
  6. I'd love a box or twiggy in bordeaux or grenat and lots more accessories to match existing bags.:wlae:
  7. aw, marigold is such a lovely color! i think i like it better than anis and mustard!!
  8. i saw that rose city! i was too late though!! they are hot tamales!! i've been feeling really pinkish lately and i just feel like i need to have some pink in my life!!

    ooh seafoam is so gorgeous!! i can't believe the price of the brand new apple green city on eBay right now!! almost $2000! it sure is a beaut though!!

    i hope a fairy comes to you soon!! :p
  9. yesss. bordeaux is such a classy color! you should def get one! i think if i ever get a darker colored bag, it will be bordeaux!!!
  10. Wish one over my way while you're at it, puh-leeeease??? :p
  11. :wlae:
  12. The best SA in the universe who sold me everything first at her employee discount price. "First purchase a Violet city please w/ a jaune coin purse... Thank you, see you next week darling"

  13. Rose city will be a good choice.....and it's awesome!