*Wishful thinking*

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  1. I suddenly want a Jasmine bag, I think it's so cute but I want it in vernis (one of the new colors). Don't you hate it? When you want something but it's not available in the color/finish that you like? I can't settle :rolleyes: The only reason my LV collection is so small is because they don't read my mind :rolleyes:
  2. Jasmine in vernis would be beautiful!
  3. Would you settle for the Bedford ~ who knows they may come out with it in the new colors ... it'll be HOT!
  4. I agree there are so many things I wish they would make
  5. I agree w/ SweetPurple. The Bedford in Pomme is one gorgeous bag!!
  6. Lol, there would be a lot of amazing bags there if Vuitton read the Tpf-ers mind. And I have to agree. Vernis jasmine would be delicious!!
  7. You can see if you can get a vernis jasmin as a special order...if you don't mind paying a little extra. I just saw a picture of a white/pearl vernis speedy someone on the forum special ordered and it was gorgeous!
  8. hmm..i don't think u can so vernis pieces...someone correct me if i'm wrong here~
    also, i thought the perle speedy was a japan exclusive~