wishes advice from the wise ones out there...

  1. I am brand new to the world of wonderful leather handbags, Koobas:heart: to be specific. But this question relates to any and all who love beautiful purses.

    What advice would you give to the newbies out there that are just beginning their collection? What do you wish you had known early on to help in adding to your collection, caring for them, avoiding fakes, etc, etc.

    Help us learn from your miss steps so we don't repeat them.

  2. Welcome congrats on joining you will have a fabby time here!
  3. welcome! check out the bags section where everyone shows off their collection. m aybe that will help you a little.

    everyone here biuys what they like, and that is how a particular collection is born. voila.

  4. Welcome & enjoy :flowers: Lots of Kooba lovers here.
  5. Hi! This would be a great question to post in the "Handbags and Purses" section under "Bags, Bags, Bags". I hope you enjoy it here.:flowers:
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  7. welcome to tpf!
  8. I wish I'd known about tPF long ago--so many experts here! Check the Deals and Steals for info on sales, rebates, free shipping offers, etc. It can really add up in savings. If you're interested in a specific designer and they have their own forum, read the reference threads to learn about that brand.

    Good luck! I hope other members offer their good ideas too.
  9. I buy whatever I like when I see it. I am not brand conscious as far as having to have a LV or Chanel. It's the style of the bag, the leather, and the price-if I can find a beautiful bag and it's on sale-I am a happy camper! Some brands that I love the quality of are Kooba, Botkier, Isabelle Fiore, Mulberry, and Bulga. I've gotten at least one of each-but always on sale for a really great price. I'd rather buy several than spend $1500 on one that never goes on sale!:yes: When I get tired of them-I sell them and they're still in great shape!
  10. My advice would be to take care of your bags. Not only does it make them as nice as they can be, it's great if you decide to sell later.
    I think handbag love is an evolving thing, and a lot of us start with nice but lower-priced brands and gradually move on to higher priced bags (Chanel, LV, etc.). Your old loves can help fund your new ones!
  11. Welcome :smile: