Wish to to hear your thoughts on Braise croc

  1. I would love to have any opinions on Braise red croc. Do you think if it is not matte, it is too shiny??? If I decide to get a Braise croc Hermes bag, it would be only a 25cm Birkin or 25cm Kelly ( I am seriously loving my 25cm size, even in day, but I love classic Kelly in croc)I don't want the size to be big because braise is so loud... Also, I saw rouge vif MATTE croc pouchette, stunning, do you prefer matte croc vif???( more subtle, conservative). Also, how rare is Braise red croc???? Any of your opinions will help me sleep a little bit better.:lol: ....I hope! I have these pics? Oh also, I like gold HW with Braise croc, what are your thoughts???? PLEASE????:weird:
  2. love it, have it, it is great
  3. Star....you crack me up, girl! Ok. I don't think Braise Red Croc is too shiny but that's my opinion because I have a shiny croc Kelly and LOVE it!!!!! I think it would be stunning in a small Kelly (you already have an exotic in a Birkin so I'd go Kelly this time round) especially with gold hardware. Very, very chic and sophisticated. Really a knock-out.....That's what I'd do in one hot second.....25cm Braise Red Croc Kelly with Gold H/W.
  4. Agree--small bag in braise croc sounds great--I personally prefer the glazed to the matte in croc, and agree with shopmom that I'd do a Kelly (as opposed to Birkin...I think the 25 cm Birkin is really just too small) and gold hardware.
  5. OMG! I thought you would never respond!!!!!:wtf: I was in the bagshowcase section!!!!

    Avandome, What, what, whatt??? - WHAT do you have, WHAT do you love????:drool: PICS anywhere I can find in reference section???...HELLO!!!!:weird: What do you have??????Where have I been?

    Shopmom, but red shiny, shiny???? Are you sure I won't look like a hooker? I have bleached blond hair right now. I am nervous about the pair. lBlack shiny croc is a non -issue!!!!! That is also an obvious wish!!!! O.K, I appreciate what you said, - smaller Kelly may not look like I am so loose:lol: .Silver HW seems Minnie mouse -like or I may be totally wrong and love either, i don't know...I can't stop this indicision lately.

    Pepper, why do you prefer shiny to matte??? I love matte, but love the red in the braise croc.(shiny) afraid it will be completely different in matte croc, so better stick with shiny...hmmm.....I LOVE my 25cm birkin even though it is small. I am reall small,so it is just right, all of my bags were this size before 2005. I am pretty torn between the 25cm birkin Versus 25 cm Kelly.
  6. Star....no you will NOT look like a hooker! Omg.....ok. Stay with the Gold hw and the small size in a Kelly and it'll scream Class and Sophistication. I promise.

    Also, you already have two Birkins.....Gold Togo and Matte Lizard. Go KELLY for this next one....a small Kelly in an exotic is out of this world wonderful. Then when you get ready to go out, you have a choice between a black Matte Lizard Birkin and a Braise Red Croc Kelly. Perfection!
  7. Hmmmm....^^^^ you make it sound so perfect. ...Is braise a coveted , rare color? Or is any croc Kelly :lol:
  8. My SA said they usually get black and brown, 5 per year...I figured I would SO a bright color...see my chances during the wait for black.
  9. Star, GLAZED every time, all the time! I just love shiny croc and echo the Braise 25cm Kelly with gold HW. It will be stunning!
    I think the feminine, more dressy nature of the Kelly is the perfect match for croc. It's my choice over a croc Birkin (unless it's a 25cm, and you already have the lizard.)
    Isn't it fun choosing H bags? :smile:
  10. Star.....just go for what makes your heart sing. Forget about the rest. IMO, this is what makes for a happy, life-long relationship with Hermes. :flowers: :flowers: :flowers: (25cm Braise Red Croc with Gold H/W......yeah, baby!!!!)
  11. shopmom...IF you remember... I was not one of the most "natural" nordic blondes you have ever seen! whatcha-got-against-colored-blonde?
    O.K..... so maybe I do not post everything I have... "letmetellyouwhat"...in one word!:P ...braise croc....REAL nice!:love: :shame: got some...love it!:P
  12. Thanks Shopmom and Greentea for your clear choices, I really appreciate it!:love:
    Avandome, I am not natural blonde, sometimes I feel cheap looking:shrugs: with certain colors, if you know what I mean.:flowers: I am glad your loving both your blonde and braise look! I think I may join you!!!
  13. Star! you should never feel "cheap" as a blond! The BLOND is the most expencive color to keep up! :crybaby:
    Every 4 weeks I spend $ 500! where's the cheap at ? :supacool:
    I think...it is a matter of patience... I waited for my Braise croc.. now every morning I wake up ...waiting for my perfect blond!...( meanwhile... I am the ONLY natural brunette in my family... how mad am I!?:cursing: ):lol:
  14. Hi star,
    30cm Braise porusus croc Birkin with gold hw is on my radar the day I spotted one carried by a very tall, leggy and model-like young lady. Mind you, before that, I'd sworn that croc would be too old-looking for me, and I'd told my SA I'd not be interested. And a month later, that changed. I have studied the colours of all the croc skins, and I find braise most appealing.

    If you can place an order, please do not hesitate!:wlae:
  15. AAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! "It takes alot of money to look this cheap" - May West.....I also go every 4-5 weeks:supacool: