Wish me luck...

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  1. I am going into Chanel today over lunch to see if I can get a grey 2.55 reissue :love: :nuts: It's a major splurge, and I'm a bit nervous about it! I keep telling myself that it's a classic bag that I will have for many years, that it's elegant and kinda "different" at the same time, and that it can be dressed up or worn with jeans. I'm also thinking now is the right time to make my last major purchase for the next 6-9 months, since the bf and I are seriously considering moving this summer to South Florida to be closer to our families, and everything is much more expensive down there :wacko:

    I'll keep you guys posted on what happens! If it was my lucky day, they'd have one available either there or at the Chanel boutique inside Saks :nuts:
  2. Good luck, may the purse be with you!
  3. Hope its there cristina!!
  4. good luck Cristina, if it is something you really want you will know when you are holding it; then you will not even question if you are making the right decision. You know I am behind you, whatever you choose. :biggrin:

    Post and tell us how it goes. :biggrin:
  5. Good luck ,Cristina! You'll have to post pictures when you bring it home. :smile:
  6. Good luck, I hope you find one. As for me, my search has hit some road blocks.
  7. Good luck!
  8. Good luck! :smile:

    Cal, "may the purse with you" LOL that's so funny :biggrin:
  9. good luck! i hope that if they don't have one in stock that you get one of Atlanta's, i'd love it for one of our bags to go to a good, appreciative home :smile:
  10. Very good choice if it's there! Definitely keep us posted!! I would love to see you wearing it w/ pride!
  11. uuugh, so jealous!!!

    good luck!!
  12. :lol: I love Star Wars :shame:

    Loganz - Thank you for the encouragement! :love: I know what you mean about it being the right decision. I hope it is! :nuts:
  13. That's the first store location I'm mentioning if they don't have it here :nuts: I would be glad to give an Atlanta bag a happy home :P

    Thanks everyone! :love: T-minus 2 hours or so :P
  14. Yay! Can't wait to see it.
  15. Aww.. exciting !! That would be so fab if you were able to score one, they're just so classy looking and it would last forever !

    Is there a particular size you're looking for, or you'll think about taking whatever they have ? ;)