Wish me luck!!

  1. Im off to Chicago tomorrow to get my eye lids "done" .... wish me luck!!!:yahoo: I am so excited!!! I will post before and afters....
  2. OMG, good luck! What is the exact procedure you're getting done?
  3. Bilateral upper eyelid Blephoraplasty (whew!!!) big name !!! Its only an hour and half procedure, under a local.
  4. Wow thats so exciting, good luck! :flowers:
  5. What exactly are they doing? Are they removing excess skin from your lids? You are a brave woman~!
  6. yes, I feel my lid is a bit heavy. So they just remove the heavy part. This will be cake compared to say lipo...or boob job..etc....Like I said...Im not going under...just a local.
  7. While I'm personally against plastic surgery for cosmetic reasons, I may end up NEEDING my eyelids done. Droopy eyelids run in my family like crazy. In some cases they can get so droopy they nearly shut your eyes closed and medical insurance will even cover the procedure.

    The vain part of me wished they WOULD go on and droop to the point of needing the surgery. The way they are now, I look so tired all the time even when I'm rested.:shrugs:

    I'd be interested to hear how it goes for you since I might one day HAVE to get that done.
  8. Best wishes for everything to go as planned.
  9. Good luck!
  10. Good luck!!! I'm sure you'll be gorgeous!!
  11. Good luck!
  12. OMG good luck!!
  13. Goood Luck !!
  14. Hi Sunshine,

    That is very brave of you. All the best !! Show us pics..:yes:
  15. OMG Fair play. I be sooo scared :smile:
    Hope your well :smile: