wish me luck

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  1. ok....so recently i hav post so many questions about palermo gm and saleya mm...and i am so tired of choosing,comparing...affraid i hav make the wrong decision ..even untill now i still cannt make up my mind.

    palermo gm - affraid too big for a everyday bag,too showy cos mono canvas but however its a very practical bag.

    saleya mm - affraid its heavy,rolled handle will cos uncomfort on the shoulder but not so showing ...size is perfect

    since i am asking a fren to get the bag for me....so i ask her to choose for me between this two bag...and now my fingers cross and hope i will like wat she gets for me....i will be getting a new bag next week...will post pic once i get it...really hope i like it
  2. Hope you like whatever your friend chooses!!
  3. I don't think the rolled handles on the Saleya will hurt your shoulder, but you may have a problem with it slipping off your shoulder all the time. For that reason, I would choose the Palermo. Hope that helps! ;) Good luck!
  4. good luck..:yes::tup:
  5. Us women are very indecisive. Good luck and which ever bag you'll get, it is still nice.
  6. good luck!!
  7. good luck!!