Wish me luck!

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  1. PLEASE! The other day I went to a mall and found the most perfect Tutti Campeggio! I was only there for a Dolce or Bambino, but I saw it, BUT didnt get it! Please wish me luck! I hope the same one is still there!

    Has this ever happen to you? You find the perfect bag, dont get it, and end up wanting it, but its gone? Or is it there when u finally get it?
  2. call in and ask the SA to hold it for you!
  3. I take it as a divine sign that I wasn't meant to have it, if it's gone when I go back to the store. :Push:
    Well, and it saves me money lol.
  4. Good luck! hopefully its still there waiting for u
  5. Good luck Reynaldoc! If it was meant to be, that bag will be there for you. Otherwise, just chalk it up to fate-- you were not to own that bag.

    I bought a pirata porta with my ideal placement and the entire online transaction was just really stressful and drawn-out from start to finish. Then last Friday after I got off the subway, I realized that someone had stolen it out of my stellina (along with my video Ipod that was in it).

    Sorry to digress, but I just don't want you to be too :sad: if it's not there. Good Luck!! :tup:
  6. Awwwww! Omg! Thats crazy, like yesterday people were digging through my Nuvola at school and I was scared someone might take something hahaha I lost a dollar not bad, but im sorry for you NY!
  7. Reynal - what do you mean people were digging through your Nuvola? What happened?
  8. good luck!
    if i were you though, I would have got the campeggio over the dolce/bambino lol - what are the chances that I see a bag with the perfect placement?

    But then again, I do like the campeggio more compared to the other styles hahah
  9. In class! Like I went out to go buy a bottle of water during class, I walk in and BAM people are digging through my bag! They do it everyonce and awhile but when I bring some things like camera, anything toki, or expensive I go crazy! haahaha I like yelled at em and I got introuble for yelling! hahahha
  10. xD thats why you take your bag with you! i never leave my stuff in class for people to look through/take
  11. Awww, thanks Reynaldoc! :smile: I was so upset after it happened but I'm fine now. I agree with xkaokaox, I always try and take my bag with me (especially when I'm at work) because I am paranoid something like what you described will happen. And after the theft, now I am even more paranoid!! :ninja:
  12. I'm sorry that happened, nyshopaholic!! :tdown:
    Yeah, I'm super paranoid also & take my bags everywhere.
  13. :yucky: ipods... love them but they are evil. i hear people get mugged on the street for their ipods... its ridiculous.
  14. At school our teachers think we're gonna ditch the class if we take out bags with us when we leave to the restroom or to get something!

    It's okay though...

    BECAUSE I GOT MY CAMPEGGIO! Will post pics later ;] Does it deserve a new thread? OR what? I Think I'll add it here.
  15. Congrats! I guess it was meant to be yours! Love to see pics.