Wish me Luck!!

  1. I called my store and they only have ONE Speedy Mirage left!! My SA can't hold it for me because I won't be in town until Saturday :sad:

    I hope it'll still be there! Wish me luck!

    If I get it this weekend, I'll post pics!
  2. Oh gosh I'll be crossing my fingers for you! I can't believe your SA can't hold it for 2 days .. could you put payment on your CC in advance?
  3. Give them your credit card number if you really want it, that way, it's guaranteed to be YOURS.
  4. Yeah try asking if you could pay a bit of it now, that way it's urs!
    Good luck tho if you cant do that!
  5. That sucks I've had stores hold things for me for two weeks and she can't hold it for 1 day

    Fingers are firmly crossed for you I hope it's still there
  6. I didn't even think about giving her my CC!!! I can't believe she didn't even suggest that either :mad:

    I'm gonna call again tomorrow!
  7. Hope you get it !
  8. Yes, definitely call back again and give her your CC# that way it can be guaranteed yours.

    Got my fingers and toes crossed for ya.

    Good Luck!
  9. Thanks everyone!

    I haven't bought an LV bag in over a year, I NEED this! lol
  10. Hope you get it!!! Love the mirage!
  11. Oh I hope you get it, it's such a gorgeous bag !
  12. Congrats on your new bag! I am assuming you gave your cc over the phone!
  13. Dell, no I haven't called back yet... I still have about another 8 hours before the store will open back up :sad:

    If it's gone, I can always call stores out of state and have them ship one to me right? I have never done that before though....
  14. Ugh...I hope you get it! Keep us updated...fingers crossed for you!
  15. you will get it!!!