wish me luck!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. please wish me luck and keep your fingers crossed that everything goes well for me today.
    today is the first day of my internship!!!!!!!
    im so excited.
  2. Good luck!

    What kind of work do you do?
  3. good luck, let us know how it goes :biggrin:
  4. Good luck, Cherry Pie! I just started work this week, too- it'll be a transition, but I'm super excited. Just don't spend time on tPF at work... I know I'd get NOTHING done ;)
  5. Best wishes!
  6. Good luck! You'll do great!!
  7. wish you best!
  8. Best of luck today :biggrin:
  9. Congrats!! Stay positive and HAVE FUN!!!
  10. Good luck I hope you had a wonderful first day!
  11. Good luck, I hope the day went well!x
  12. i had the greatest first day.
    im working in a museum called the bowes museum. until christmas im working with the keeper of textiles and toys helping her archive some donations(they have a really important lace archive) and set up for a new exhibition and then after christmas i will be working with the keeper of decorative and ceramic arts swaping round some of the permanent display and sending things out to be cleaned up.

    hopefully ill get a job at the end of the year.
  13. Congrats! Good luck!
  14. Sounds like a great job, glad it went well today, good luck with it all.
  15. Congratulations! Sounds like an interesting opportunity!