Wish me Luck...

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  1. I just ordered 5 L'amore Stellinas on Macys.com hoping one would have the print placement I want (and planning to return the rest). - Basically, I want Adios and Ciao Ciao on the front, not cut off... and not too many repeating pairs on the front. Is that too much to ask??

    I think I'm going to do the same with Spiaggia Lunas from Nordstrom.com.
  2. Good Luck! This is my first post :smile:

    I ordered one yesterday from Macy's as well. Keeping my fingers crossed that it's a cute one. I am hoping for Adios & Ciao Ciao somewhere on the back not cut off, but there are other characters I like on the pattern so it should work either way. I am also hoping to like the Stellina bag type (this is my first tokidoki purchase). I also want a zucca but waiting to find the perfect one.

  3. I have a Stellina in Amore (i also got it from macy's) and I :heart: it. I think the stellina is adorable, roomy without looking like a HUGE bag and u can adjust the strap to wear it more than one way! G'luck! i hope u like it! :smile:
  4. u dont need to do print placement for a luna! it shows everything! unless u want the characters in a certain level of the bag lol
  5. Actually I do. I'm hoping for one that has the water scene towards the bottom of the bag... so it looks kind of like a real landscape.

    But actually, I emailed Pulse... and they sent photos of a Luna Spiaggia... and it was cut such that Adios on the surfboard wasn't on the front or the back.
  6. Thanks, I learned a lot from all of you "veterans" on this board...now I know of different channels for future purchases :yes: but this will be a good start.
  7. Good luck! hopefully u get ur perfect placement!
  8. GOOD LUCK both !
  9. i'm not trying to be the lone cynic, but it seems to me that buying five of one thing is just kinda keeping it away from other people that are wanting it/looking for it. granted i know macys.com probably has more than five l'amore stellina's in stock, but it still seems a little off to me. if you live near chicago then there are definately macy's, nordies, etc etc where you could go look at placement in person and find the perfect bag, or you could do a chargesend with someone who can pick out a placement for you. buying five and returning four just seems really over the top to me.

    don't worry, i know i'll get flamed for this, and i know lots of people do it. it's just a little much for me.
  10. good luck!

    i finally gave up on finding a print in a stellina. :sad: every one i looked at had too many multiples of the same section of print - and i've been to every nordstroms and macy's anywhere near me! LOL

    i just ordered a fumo one from the seattle outlet store, and i'll end up collecting all the prints i like in portatelefonos.
  11. Actually, I can't. I've called numerous Macy's, Nordstroms and Loehmann's in the Chicago Suburban area and none carry Tokidoki. The only places I've found Toki's are Macy's State Street and Bloomingdale's at 900 N Michigan. Neither of which have this bag.

    Think about it this way, if those bags were still at Macys.com, anyone would be buying blind. After I get them, there will be at least 4 in person at Macy's Oak Brook for people to see in person.

    If they're not sold out on Macys.com... I'm not keeping them from anyone.
  12. Good Luck QueenLouis and tracerx!!! I hope one of the stellinas ends up having your perfect placement!!:yes:
  13. I kind of am in the same boat as QueenLouis. I'm from Alaska and the nearest nordstroms is an 8 hour drive away (and that is speeding it). So, the only way I could get a decent gioco was to order 3 and pick one (then I sold the rest to my friends who decided they wanted one too). So in a way, I helped 2 other Alaskans. :tup:
  14. Hi everyone, got my L'Amore Stellina today....:heart::heart: LOVE IT!!! I am so happy with my first Toki purchase.

    L'Amore looks even more cute in person! Placement on front is good, but the back is perfect. My daughter squealed with laughter when she saw it so I think she approves. And I love the size and function of the Stellina.

    My wallet is not happy that I like the print, I definitely want an L'Amore Campeggio and Denaro now to keep the Stellina company. There also may be more Stellinas in my future (a Tutti perhaps?)

    QueenLouis, did you get your bags yet? Find one that will work for you?
  15. Lucky you! Post some pics.

    Mine are scheduled to arrive on Friday. (wouldn't you know, I ordered 1 day before Macy's added a FREE SHIPPING offer on their website.