Wish me luck!

  1. Well, since I went back to school to become a nurse instead of a business major, I have had to step down on jobs for the time being while in school. While DH and I were in Coach, I was asked if I wanted a job. I filled out the app and turned it in just for fun. I got a call today and they want to interview me tomorrow for Assistant Manager! :nuts: Wish me luck. Too bad I don't have a Coach bag to carry in. I only have LV bags. Maybe I'll carry my Coach zippy wallet and wear my Coach shoes. Wish me luck! My interview is at 5pm EST and I'm so nervous.
  2. Allison:

    Good luck. I hope that you nail that interview and get that job at Coach!

  3. That is so awesome!
    Good luck and let us know how everything goes!
  4. That is so good! Hope you get it! The best of luck and good karmas going your way!!!
  5. all the best for your interview allison!!!!
    you'll be great...have fun!!
  6. Good luck!!!! Sounds fun!
  7. Good luck. After all of the comps and discounts I've heard about being a SA at a Coach store it sure sounds like a great idea.
    I would certainly wear my Coach shoes if I were you. :smile:
  8. oooh awesome!! congrats and good luck!! it sucks trying to find work while going to school, huh?
  9. Good luck Allison, let us know how the interview goes
  10. rock on! good luck allison!
  11. Make sure you're in dress code!
  12. wow good luck!!!
  13. I am so jelous! Good Luck!
  14. Wow, lots of people have been having luck lately in the Coach job department! Too bad my nearest Coach is 45 minutes away. I'd love to apply!
  15. Oh and I forgot to mention...GOOD LUCK! Hahaha, silly me. You'll do great. Make sure to wear those Coach shoes with pride when you walk in there!