Wish me luck...

  1. Well, the time has come--today my divorce will be finalized. :sad: :yahoo: :crybaby:

    As some of you may know, I've been struggling through a difficult separation and then the decision to file for divorce(there is thread floating around out there with details). It has been a long, emotionally exhausting roller coaster and now it's time for the conclusion-at the least the legal one. I know I still have tough days to follow, but I think I'm beginning to understand and accept this is the right path to follow. Even though we are still very much in love, a marriage can never work with only one person trying to make it work.

    In a little over an hour, I have to walk into a courtroom and proclaim to the world that my marriage is over and cannot be fixed. I am looking for the strength to be able to do so without falling apart. I want to walk away with some dignity and regain a little self-respect. I'm trying not to feel like a failure because deep inside, I know I've done everything humanly possible to make this work.

    I need a little luck to find a way to make it through this day. I'm having a difficult time convincing myself I'm strong enough at the moment...
  2. good luck!! I'm sorry to hear about what yu need to do but stay strong keep your head up & shoulders back you can do it!
  3. aww,, I'm sorry hunny that you feel bad, but you have to look at it as a positive. This is a whole new beginning for you & your children, think of all the fabulous things you are now free to do. All the people you can meet, & just think, from today on, you can live your life exactly how you want to, not how your husband wanted you to.

    Congrats on this the first day of your new life. :flowers:
  4. You've tried to make it work, and sometimes it's for the best to say enough is enough. You'll only make yourself more miserable, if you keep trying when deep down you know it's time to let go. I think you're very brave! Good luck on the first day of your new life! You'll do just fine! :yes:
  5. You're strong!!! Most women would stay with their husbands even if they're no longer happy with the marriage. But you stood your ground. HUGS*** Sending happy thoughts your way!
  6. good luck. I am glad you got your self out of something that was just not working. now its time to move on to better thinks.
  7. What a hard day for you. The very best of luck. What a terrible decision to have to make when you still love someone. I admire your strength and wish you all the best for the future. Think of it not as an ending but as a new beginning.
  8. awww *hugs* everything will be alright. Lots of good things will be coming your way just don't give up hope!
    You're strong and you can make it through :flowers:
    We're all wishing you the best! and we're always here if you ever need someone to talk to :heart:

    Best of luck to you *hugs*
  9. G'luck!

    I hope everything went as best as it could. Sending you all the my thoughts and prayers :flowers:
  10. *Hugs* and best wishes of strength, courage and wisdom today and always....:heart:
  11. Thinking of you and sending good vibes your way. {{{hugs}}}:heart:
  12. Twinkle, I remember reading your other thread. I wish you luck in the next phase of your life, and props to you for having the strength and courage to move forward. Your son is very lucky to have you. :heart:
  13. This may sound crazy, but Congratulations. It is a huge accomplishment to survive a divorce and still be standing. I got divorced about 5 years ago and it almost killed me. Since then I've gotten married, had a kid, and one more on the way. I am a much stronger person becuase of the divorce and there's nothing that I fear because I know I can survive going to hell and back (my divorce was a terrible mess that ruined me financially).

    Just remember that you did nothing wrong, you're strong, you can do it, and weak women are the ones who choose to stay in a damaging relationship. It takes a stronger woman to make it through a divorce. If you need more positive words of encouragement send me a PM.

    Take care.
  14. You sound really strong in this post. I have to agree with RileyGirl... congratulations, and good luck... although I don't think you'll need any luck at all. :smile: You've got it all under control.
  15. Best of luck, you are stronger than you think. Welcome to the rest of your life.