Wish Me Luck - Repairs - Chloe Bag

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  1. I collect handbags and have a new, never used Chloe I just pulled off my shelves to use. The rivets came off the metal holding the hardware plate in place.

    According to the website, I have to take it back to the store where I got it for repairs. I have the receipt.

    Please hope they can replace the rivets properly. I will let you know how I make out.
  2. yeah take it back with the reciept and they should fix the bag no problem!
    good luck!
  3. They ought to just give you a new one!!
  4. Wow, i hope they replace it for you!
  5. they well give you anothe bag! bottom line is you dont expect a bag to fall to bits after spending all that money!
  6. That's awful - I'm sorry you got stuck with a faulty one... Let us know how you go - and fingers crossed it gets sorted out quickly & happily.
  7. Hope you have good news for us!
  8. just read this...good luck and and do keep us posted :smile:
  9. Any update?
  10. I have a question... just out of curiosity. Alot of people buy bags pre-owned. No store receipt. THEN what does one do if you need a repair??
  11. I would guess take it to a reputable repair shop!
  12. Oh lord... not where I live. All they know how to fix around here is COWBOY BOOTS! I can only imagine.... You can't send an authentic Chloe TO CHLOE without a store receipt?
  13. yep you can not get a chloe repaired by chloe if you dont have the receipt! just coz there are so many fakes, chloe dont want to touch anything unless they know for sure!
  14. Hmmpph. Shame, cause I'd be scared to take an expensive bag to a leather repair place who knew nothing about high-end handbags. Chloe should do like Chanel (I am told) and just CONFISCATE the fakes. That would get a few of them off the streets... and make folks more careful about what they bought!
  15. ^ Yes, ITA. :yes:
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