wish me luck ladies!

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  1. I am moisterizing with apple garde for my first time! :sweatdrop:

    fingers crossed I dont f- it up!
  2. good luck!!!!! you have balls of steel
  3. so I applied it on one side and the bottom generously, and waiting for it to dry so I can buff it out...right?
  4. Lubricate up that baby! You'll be fine. :yes::p
  5. ^^If you girls could only see my face right now! I didn't have to stuff it before I did right? how long does this usually take for it to "dry"?
  6. 20 mins, half an hour should be fine...you don't put much on so it doesn't take too long!
  7. Let it air dry out for a couple hours then leave it in the sleeper with the top open overnight.

    It will be fine, I've used it on my Emerald Courier
    , both my Ice Blues, and my friend's black Courier, Emerald Day, and Chocolate Twiggy.
  8. I'm waiting to see your baby which would become very gorgeous for sure!
    Fingers Crossed!
    Dont forget to show us how a beautiful BBag after moisturizing Aarti.
  9. first side looks pretty good! I'm doing the riveted side now, wiped down the metal afterwards. thanks liz! I want to try a second moisterizing according to your instruction tomorrow.
  10. are you really suppose to work in the conditioner after its dry or just light rubbing?
  11. Good luck! Please post before and after pics for us :love: