Wish Me Luck In The Big Apple...

  1. Am off to New York on thursday please keep your fingers crossed that i get a orange box to take home with me!!!Promise i will post pics when i get home....:yes:
  2. my your wish come true:yahoo:
  3. Bon voyage BG! Have a great time at the H store! Looking forward to your report!
  4. Thank you , fingers crossed back monday credit card primed and ready....:graucho:
  5. Have a great time in the Big Apple, BG!!! And may you bring home a large Orange Box with a glorious bag inside!!!!

    ...need blow by blow reporting though.....promise?
  6. :yahoo: Good luck!!!
  7. good luck birkin girl! sending orange vibes your way!
  8. Good luck! What's on your wish list?
  9. Have a wonderful time in NY!!! And all the best wishes at Hermes!
  10. Yeah! Best of luck! Keep us posted every step of the way! May you bring home a big orange box.
  11. Fingers and toes crossed!! Have a great time!
  12. May the Hermes Angels be with you!!!!
  13. I'll be stopping by on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, maybe I'll bump into you?
  14. have a safe trip and good luck with ur H finds!!
  15. Good luck, Birkin girl... hope you find what you're looking for!