Wish me luck in Hong Kong

  1. I'm flying back to Hong Kong in 3 hours.

    This isn't a holiday trip, since my dad asked me to go back to sign some documents for him for his business. But signing paper won't need long, will I? :graucho:

    I see it as half holiday half business, after X'mas and New Year eve, working non-stop for almost 2 weeks in a restaurant. I really need to take some off and try to relax myself.

    In NZ, we don't have any 2nd hand designer's handbag shop, I can only get 2nd hand from TradeMe(where I have been cheated) and eBay. Hahahaaa...so I'm going to search every single 2nd hand shop in HK to complete my wishlist (which, never can be completed)

    But unfortunately, after X'mas and my December big shopping, bought 9 LV items, my wallet is flat as a piece of paper. PLUS my BF been complaining after I joined this forum, i have been too crazy, reading thread first thing in the morning, breaks between work, til 3am, all i want and talk is LV, the worst is I bought 9 items in a month. He isn't very happy if I buy anymore LV in the next few months.

    what am i going to do.....? :sad:

    i need to control myself...... but at least wanna get myself more cerises

    wish me luck, so i can find some big bargain LV in HK, so I can convince my dear BF......

    will keep all of you in post of what I find...
  2. have fun dear
  3. good luck and stay away from counterfeit
  4. I know what you mean ;) and I wish you the best luck, to find what you want in Hong Kong :flowers:
  5. Good Luck;)
  6. have a nice trip gal... dun forget to post pics with your new bag
  7. good luck and have fun.

    my mom feels the same way as your bf. i'm on here all the time too and talk lv constantly. sigh.
  8. have a safe journey, good luck on your hunt for LV and have fun. plus I hope BF can forgive anything you buy!!
  9. Good luck, happy shopping, and have a safe trip. I know what you mean about the constant LV talk, so glad we all have each other to "talk to" Can't wait to see what you find.
  10. my bf is complaining the same thing..hahha...but i say buy yourself one last piece and then put yourself on a ban right after!! for maybe, a month or so?! hee hee
  11. Good l;uck!
  12. Ooooh remember to check out the stations ! :graucho:
  13. Good luck - have fun.
  14. Good Luck!!! I'm sure You will find everything You want in extra prices!!!!!
  15. best of luck, im happy that counterfeit situation is behind you. did it pan out in your favor? or did it spoil you on second hand goods?