Wish Me Luck, I'm going to need it!

  1. A week from Friday we are going on a family trip (from hell). First stop San Francisco to visit my brother-in-law and his family. Nice guy but extremely inconsiderate. His head is stuck up where the sun don't shine. To give you some background, when my twins were 5 months old he begged us to visit. He promised he would rent cribs, get baby food and diapers etc. After a long flight from NY with babies he was an hour late to pick us up and then revealed he hadn't gotten anything we needed. We had to stop and get the cribs and food on the way to his house. The rest of our visit was a disaster. He hasn't changed much in 8 years.

    Next stop Las Vegas for a business conference. We checked w/ our hotel and the babysitting service they use charges $35 an hour w/ a minimum of 4 hours!! Totally insane and I refuse to pay it. I will be anchored to my 8 year old twin sons(I love them but they will drive me nuts) for those 4 days.

    Next stop Sun City West, AZ to visit my in-laws. Oy vay! It is a retirement community where no one can see over the steering wheel and everything closes by 8pm. My in-laws don't get around very well (an understatement) and my father-in-law is a bit out of it (another understatement). Last time we were there he was driving me to the gym and he backed right into our rent-a-car and broke the tail light! That was 4 years ago and my husband has put off going back b/c it is such torture. Oh, and did I mention that my mother-in-law is a chronic liar and alcoholic? Super!

    2 of my friends are doctors and they have already offered to hook me up w/ intravenous valium :smile: I definitely will deserve a handbag after this.

    This is one time I can't be a glass half-full optimist.
  2. I dont know what to say really! Its sounds dreadful! Visiting family can be challenging at the best of times, but you seem to have some extra fun things to deal with. Will any other wives be traveling with husbands during the conference? Maybe you all could work out a trade or share a sitter? Just an idea. I will be thinking of you for sure. My mother in law stayed with us for the month of November...its hard I KNOW! Hang in there.
  3. HEY! YOU WILL HAVE FUN! 8 year olds are not babies! Take this as an opportunity to spend quality time with your twins! In Las Vegas there are so many things for you to do with them! Take them to the MGM theme park! Take them to the Excalibur Hotel, they will love it. They have magic shows, cat and dog shows ect. Find a cheap buffet and let them go hog wild for dinner! You will have a good time!
    Chin up!
  4. Make it a glass half full with some Absolute and you'll be just fine! ;)
  5. Maybe you can have some fun in vegas if you have time. There's kid friendly stuff at circus circus and NY NY. I used to work in Sun City West and there is absolutely nothing for a young person to do there. Nothing. But maybe you can get away for a shopping break. You could spend an entire day in Scottsdale shopping!
  6. THere are lots of fun kids stuff to do so that is POSITIVE! You will NOT be stuck in your room at all in Vegas! Also try and take some time for your self each day during your trip...that always helps. Going to the gym is a SAVIOR!!! :smile:
  7. LOL~ :lol: Sun City West! Bwwaahha! I live in the valley and we always joke about the people in SCW. I wish you the best of luck!There's some great shopping in Scottsdale though if you ever get a chance! That's where I do all my shopping!
  8. LOL! we all have family issues...me too!! Just make the best of it and have fun with your kids!look up things to do and have a good time!!
  9. Thanx for all your ideas...Hmmmm quality time w/ the kids - What a concept :smile: I'll give it a try. The glass half full w/ Absolute sounds like the best idea yet!
  10. I totally understand how you must feel...the anxiety of having to be arond them is much worse. If you can, have a few drink, could be difficult with kids with you. But that's how I got through the last few holidays with my-in-laws.
  11. OH MY!!! Maybe you can spend your time dreaming about the bag you are going to get?? On second thought since all of the family you are visiting is on your husband's side-- maybe a bag for each stop??
  12. Best of luck. Look at the bright side. They don't live near enough for you to have to visit them more frequently.
  13. Look at the brightside (if there is one) at least you should have nice weather in Vegas. If you have a rental car, there are a gazillion places to go.
  14. LOL , sorry for laughing , but i know how you feel . But you have to do it ............its family , gotta love them .........Despite the obvious , try to make the most of the trip , and dont forget to let hubby know he owes u :amuse:
  15. LOL :lol:

    Best of luck, I hope your trip turns out better than you expected :biggrin: Try to make the most of it!