Wish me luck girls....(and boys)

  1. In two hours I am off to have laser vision correction surgery. With any luck I'll be going from -700 in one eye and -650 in the other, to 20/20. :yahoo:

    I'll try to check in later if I can- if not, I'll ask tod if she can post something. :flowers:
  2. OMG good luck and please tell us about it when your back ! :smile:
  3. Goodluck Roo!! Keep us updated on how the procedure went.
  4. you'll be fine! good luck! my aunt got hers done and she was fine about a month later (she just has a weak immune system, so every little thing takes longer for her..like a cold can last up to 3 weeks for her instead of 1 week or so for regular people).
  5. Good luck to you. You're braver than I am. Hope you're happy with the results!
  6. Hi- I am in Mn. I had my surgery 3 months ago and it went amazing. I am now 20/15 in both eyes. Good luck! I am sure everything will go well. Follow the dr. instructions and it will be great. It was one of the best things I ever did!
  7. Good luck to you. A couple of my friends have had this done and what an improvement it made in their lives.
  8. I'm just afraid of the PAIN part- but luckily I have a really good doctor and it won't take long. Hubby is home today and we're leaving in about an hour. I am online so I don't think about it too much! LOL
  9. Good luck with the surgery Roo, let us know how it goes. I may need to get the name of your Dr. in Seattle
  10. Good luck Roo!! :flowers:
  11. NP! She is truly the BEST eye doctor I have ever had!! :yahoo:
  12. ROO!! good luck. i was praying for you at 11 my time today.. haha didnt think of time differnece. so in any case i thought of you all day and sent u good vibes.. good luck
  13. Good luck, Roo!
  14. Good luck Roo!
    No more glasses/contacts for you!
  15. Good luck!!