Wish me luck getting into university!

  1. So it's me again, the one who was unsure of school, with the controlling best friend.

    We had a huge upsetment because I lied to him about applying to school. It turns out it was too late for financial aid in all but one school, my top choice.

    I'm finished applying, I just need one more document to mail to them.

    Sooo nervous. I have an A GPA but there are issues in recent classes. One C- and a couple Withdraws (I'm in a community college btw). These are recent classes so they count a lot.

    I want to get in! It's my ticket to FLA and the one way I can make things OK with my friend, and he said no visits until I move to FL. He's controlling me again, but he's doing it for good reasons, sigh.

    Anyway, send me what you can, wishes, prayers. ONE shot for the Fall. I read of the people on here in Florida and I want to be one.

    And with my BFF helping me/watching me, I'll do well in school again! I need this.

    Unfortunately there's no interview process, but the document I have to send is from my therapist stating my disability, so she can mention things in her letter.

    It's also just a standard state school, rolling admissions, etc. Not too competitive, but I like it best. It's perfect for me, even back when I had all As and A-s. (I've only since for grades gotten one B and one C-, too. I've just faced some issues.)

    Well, thanks for reading!
  2. Best of luck to you!
    Hope things go in your favor.
  3. Good luck - I hope you get in!
  4. Good luck and wish you all the best.
  5. Thanksies!!!!!
  6. Good luck!
  7. GOOD LUCK!:yahoo:
  8. Lots of luck and positive thoughts going your way!
  9. Best of luck to you! Keep us posted on how it goes.
  10. Thanks! Thanks for the excitement KR

    I'm going to make sure I deserve it if I get in, I won't fail!!

    Oh I will definitely. You'll all be the third people to know! (LOL) :biggrin:
  11. Wishing you all the best! Good luck and keep us posted on your admission status!:flowers:
  12. Best of luck to you!!
  13. send good luck over to you :smile:
  14. Good luck! :smile:
  15. Let us know how it goes/when you hear!!

    GOOD LUCK!! :party: