Wish Me Luck Gals!

  1. Hiya Ladies!

    I just got a call from my SA at Chanel in Amsterdam and they've got the Cotton Club Tote on hold for me (lol - sound familiar?). I can't get up there until tomorrow so they're holding the black and the bronze as I'm not 100% on which colour I prefer. The SA joked that they PROMISE they won't sell the bags to someone else this time. I just laughed along and thought of the evilness that would ensue if they did.

    So, I'm off to Amsterdam tomorrow morning - I've got some Bugles (kind of like Cheetos), so if there are any problems I'm leaving cheesy fingerprints on everything.....as well as adjusting all the bags. I might even let my 1.5 year old out of his stroller to put a bit of fear into the SAs.

    Keeping my finger's crossed that they don't bugger things up again!
  2. Congrats and good luck tomorrow!! I hope everything works out this time.:yahoo:
  3. ohh Good Luck Cal~your ideas are too cute! Can't wait to see what goody you bring home!
  4. good luck, Cal!
    they better not sell any of those two bags before you get there, or they deserve what's coming to 'em! lol!
  5. Good luck! Can't wait to see pictures!
  6. Succes!! Bugles are omg sooo delicious!! god i want some NOW!

    do you happen to know the prices for the classic flap (medium or large) in euro's?
  7. Good luck. Post some pics.
  8. Good luck! I can't wait to see pics.
  9. :p You go girl!! LOL I love bugle too...Have to get some when I go out at noon today!! Goodluck--keep us posted!!
  10. Luck and have a great time!
  11. oh, you made me hungry...:drool: :p
    good luck, both are beautiful. :love: lawlesslady just got the bronze and it's lovely! you can't go wrong with black, though...good luck!:yes:
  12. Finally Cal, good luck tomorrow!

    I assume the new stock has not yet arrived in Den Haag?
  13. They thought maybe today, but I need to go to Amsterdam tomorrow anyway to pick up a scarf.
  14. ROFL.....Bugles can cause LOTS of damage..LOL.....very sticky.......

    Let us know how you like them..Im curious about the bronze now...heehee
  15. Fantastic! - I've seen picts of the bronze and it looks very versatile, wonderful for summer, depending on your wardrobe. Let us know what you decide. Have a wonderful time!