Wish me luck - Day 1 of Medifast!!

  1. Well, I finally gave up. I have been struggling with weight issues for the last 10 years, going up and down. Well the last few years have been even more difficult (that 40 year thing, lol) so I decided to get drastic. I have been reading some good things about the Medifast 5 & 1 plan so I started today. You get 5 of their small prepackaged meals and then you eat 1 "lean and green" meal for dinner (small portion of lean meat, chicken, fish and a serving of veggies). So I'll keep you posted how it goes!!
  2. Good luck!!!
  3. Good Luck! I know you can do it! :yahoo:
  4. Thank you very much :smile:
  5. Good luck!
  6. Good luck!
  7. Let us know how it goes. I have never heard of that.
  8. Good luck!!

    How do the foods taste?
  9. it def. works. Just make sure you stick with it and follow your bariatric physician's instructions to the letter whgen going off of it.

    BTW, this is how Kate Hudson lost her baby weight.
  10. good luck! :biggrin:
  11. Seriously about Kate Hudson - had no idea. she looks great now. Well day 1 is done and I wasn't too hungry. And the food is actually pretty good.
  12. Good luck! You can do it!
  13. Lori, I admire you for making the commitment! Keep us posted, ok? :smile:
  14. Good luck!:yes: All the best and we know you can do it!:flowers:
  15. Well - one week down and 6 pounds down!! I'm not hungry at all and have to remind myself to eat my miniscule meals! Dinner seems huge now and its only 6-7 oz. protein and veggies!! So far so good - keep you posted!