Wish Lists!

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  1. :love: I think it would be fun to post our Hermes wish lists here!
    Here's mine...:love:

    Gold Birkin 30, palladium, chevre or Togo leather
    Black box Kelly 28m rigide or Souple, Palladium HW
    Bolide 31, Blue Jean, palladium, clemence
    Vert Anis Picotin pm, clemence
    Bolide 27, fucshia, chevre or ostrich, palladium
    Kelly 32 souple, Potiron/palladium Chevre or Togo
    Eveylne pm or Tpm, can't decide on color, clemence

    When pigs fly:
    Rouge Vif croc Plume
    Black croc Kelly 28
    Another Birkin. size 35 in black chevre/palladium
  2. I like the pigs fly section the best!!
  3. Ya' know I may be the only one on this whole forum....maybe the world, that doesn't care for Hermes Birkin or Hermes period. I know the quality is outstanding ($10,000 and up, it better be!) but the look of the bag, looks so very, very conservative to me! I could live without it....but to each his own, I guess.
  4. With all due respect, you're posting this in the wrong thread and wrong forum. :shame:

    That aside, I wish for a rouge croc Kelly (don't know all the leathers and sizes, please educate me!) and black croc Birkin.
  5. Nice choices, Andrea!!
  6. You too! I really want to know more about your wishlist, so -- besides this forum, where can I learn about all the different skins and sizes of Hermes bags? I appreciate your help. :smile:
  7. 35cm or maybe 30cm Fuchsia ostrich birkin :biggrin:
  8. 30cm Birkin in orange, clemence/togo, palladium hardware
    30cm Birkin in brown, clemence/togo, gold hardware
  9. I'd like a black or chocolate brown 30 or 35 cm, probably with gold hardware. I'm not real familiar with all the different leathers, so I don't know what type of leather I would want.
  10. Here is my wish list:

    -Black Alligator Birkin 30cm :love:
    -Black Alligator Kelly 32cm
    -Brown crocodile belt with the H

    But I will probably only end up getting a Chevre Kelly 32cm as my next Hermès bag bag:lol:
  11. Sure! Many of the bags I've posted have their own little sub forums now so you can see pictures. One of the best ways to see the colors and leathers is actually ebay. Look at auctions by montecarloclub, creaturesdeluxe, luxwear, mightykismet and lucyndskywdmnds.
    Luxwear also has a great website where's she's posted swatches of a few of the leathers with a description.

    I (we) can help you with colors and leathers, too. What type of bag are you after?
  12. heres mine
  13. My wishlist is right on my signature. Never ending H temptations
  14. 31 bolide, colour to be determined