Wish List

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  1. What bags do you have in your wish list???

    I have..
    Chanel Cerf tote in black
    Hermes kelly or Birkin (any color/leather)
    Chloe silverado in python trim
    LV mizi vienna

    how about you guys???
  2. Oh mine???

    For right now:

    Hermes Kelly/Birkin
    Another Chanel (Cerf or Flap - unsure).
  3. Speedy 30
    Chloe Big Pocket in Mousse
    Chloe Edith in Whisky
    Balenciaga Work in Ink

  4. I want a stam. But the stam I want doesn't exist yet. I need a medium size, patent leather, slouchy, with handles and a chain, kisslock closure....
  5. i only have a short wish list, since i try to be realistic ;)

    damier parioli or speedy
    chanel ligne cambon bowling bag
    maybe: lv pochette twin (still not loving the monogram canvas)
  6. Hermes birkin :biggrin: Pretty much all thats on the wish list right now.
  7. NM has been showing two Paddington Hobos in Red & Khaki & I would love one of each!

    I'd like an Edith in Whiskey.

    A Paddington Box in Chocolate.

    And I would LOVE to see a Balenciaga in person...they look good in pictures!

  8. Hermes Birkin or Kelly will always be on my wish list and an LV vintage trunk. :love:
  9. Hermes Birkin
    another Chanel (haven't decided which one yet)
  10. Damier Speedy
    Balenciaga (First or Medium)
    Tod's - Decoupage
  11. 1. Balenciaga "purse" (only emerald green and red-ish orange are on Alhoha Rag right now and I have not seen any on Ebay)

    2. LV Epi Mandarine 30

    3. Chanal black tote

    4. MJ Brigitte in white

    5. MJ Blake

    That is all; for now....
  12. Sorry, double post
  13. Sigh I would love that Chanel Lux large Bowler, breathtaking!
  14. Navy paddington

    Perhaps a red one, if not the paddington the Balenciaga

    Black Mj

    blue or congac fendi spy

    Something pink

    thats it for now :smile:
  15. Chanel large flap in beige caviar.. that's at the top.