Wish List

  1. Hi ladies... tell me about your wish list... here is mine:graucho:
  2. These are things I plan on getting, but it is always subject to change depending on what comes out in the next few months:

    Neo Cabby (undecided about size)
    Azur Neverfull GM
    something Dentelle
    Brazza or Alexandra wallet

    Speedy Mono 30*
    Eole 50*
    Mono Noe*

    *in Paris
  3. Hmmmm.....so many wants.....so few actual plans. I would really like to save for something special to purchase at the Toronto Meet. I do not have a Suhali bag so I am thinking about either a Lockit or Le Fableaux. I would really like to get the Trevi so that may happen if I don't save enough for the others or I could be filled with so many more ideas by then.
  4. I'm saving up/hoping to get the following eventually:

    PM Tivoli
    Monogram Canvas Zippy Organizer
    Monogram Inclusion Speedy Key Ring in Pomme D'Amour or White
    Small Monogram Vernis Agenda in Pomme D'Amour
  5. I would like:

    A Keepall 50 with shoulder strap

    A Black Le Tal
  6. Hehehe I even can't remember mine :p

    - Suhali Gold Le Fabu
    - Trompe L'Oeil Le Fabu
    - MC/ Suhali large ring agenda
    - Gold Theda GM Trianonne
    - Tweedy Zip
    - MC White Eye Love You
    - Olympe Stratus GM
    - Charm Linda Scarf Fuschia

    Hiksss so hard to find :s
  7. Lol, my list of random items (not really realistic haha):
    *Black Suhali Le Fab
    *Damier Azur Speedy 30
    *Red/Creme CB Papillon
    *Red/Creme CB Pochette
    *Conte de Fees Pochette in black
    *Trompe L'oeil Pochette
    *Shine Mckenna
    *Wapity (either black or white MC)
    *Indigo Vernis Cles
    *Denim Cabby MM
    *Yellow Inclusion ring
    *Nimbus (beige or ecru)
  8. Hmmm...well first of all I wish LV would make a stark-white bag like Chanel or Hermes! Like white multicolore white (with no logos!). And I wish a Suhali Speedy would be released! :nuts:

    Wish List of LV things that exist:

    - Lexington Fleur in beige, black and pink (beige and black on the way!)
    - Trompe L'Oneil pochette and le fab
    - Shine McKenna in gold
    - Pomme bedford
    - Monogram Speedy 30, 40
    - Black Aumoniere
    - LV points for work (I don't know the names of shoes)
    - Black monogram shawl for winter
    - something silver and gold in miroir
    - Black epi noe petit for my bandeaus
    - Black mirage bandeau (if it ever comes!)

    Probably forgot 5 or 10 things :p Will be a difficult task deciding what I want for xmas, bday and rewards!
  9. ^Lucky! I forgot to add that to my list lol, I LOVE the Fleurs Lex in black!
  10. My list isn't HUGE! LOL!

    *White Le Fab
    *Black MC Aurelia MM
    *White MC Priscilla
    *Damier Hampstead MM
    *Gold Miroir Speedy
    *Verone Suhali Lockit MM
    *Pomme Bedford
    *Pink CB Retro
  11. My wish list is on my signiture...
    it really isn't that long, but just it will take my quite long to save up since I have to pay for my tuition and books first... so by the time I finishing paying for those, I don't have much money left
  12. ladies we need lotssssssssssss of money I thik:biggrin::p