wish list ....

  1. what is next on your purchase list?

    do you have a list of limited bags you'd like to locate?
  2. I guess i'll answer my own post :smile:
    Collectors /limited bags
    Cersies speedy
    Brown cherry blossom retro
    White Eye need you
    Pink cherry blossom pap
    Fucshia PTI
    Mandaran Speedy *i'm woking on this now*
    (maybe Black Eye love you)

    Current products
    Pink noe speedy
    Blue or green baggy pm
    Petite noe (used)
    black mc speedy (used)
    Mono Ellipse pm(used)
    Manhattan PM
    Denim V mules (natural)
    Mc mules in rose
  3. I want one of the Waltz bags (Oskar or Macha, whichever I see first).:love:
  4. Going to buy:
    The right wallet for me... still looking
    My perfect shoulder bag

    Cerises pochette
    MC Shirley or Wapity
  5. Fendi baguette
  6. oops .... just realized this is an LV thread. sorry.
  7. i only have one:

    a suhali le fabuleux :love:
  8. Did you see Authentic_lvlady had one .. I see its sold now.

    Good luck with that, its a nice bag:smile:

  9. Oh gosh I forgot about those bag :smile:

    Nice choice :love:

  10. thats ok.. I'd too would like a fendi spy :love: :love: :love:

  11. Wish List:

    vernis Houston in fuschia
    vernis Houston in framboise
    mono Alma/Alma Voyage
    mono Manhattan GM
    mono Papillon 30

    That's it for now. I dare not to think what else I would want.
  12. Nice maybe's
    I think the wapity would be nice for running arrends or for a camera case :biggrin:

    Good luck finding that perfect wallet.. Its hard :sad2:

  13. I have to get the Epi Jasmine in Mandarin this summer. Have to, have to, i can't delay it any longer.
  14. Yes, I saw it!!! I know that JC wanted it and didn't want to step on anyone's toes. But I see that it's gone now and it wasn't our JC that bought it!!!:evil: I am sure there will be more!:biggrin:
  15. Bag Fetish, you need to add it to your list then!!! ;):lol: ;)