Wish I had the blues

  1. I have fallen in love with several of the blue shades and really really want one now. My faves are the BI, Teal, and Aqua. Which shade do you think looks best with jeans? I wear them alot for work.
  2. I'm with you cityshopper! I want a blue (and a green) in my collection SO bad! I have a blueberry makeup but I want a bigger style in blue.
  3. I think Blue India and actually the new Periwinkle color both look very nice with blue jeans.
  4. My '05 teal always looks really good with my jeans.
  5. Aquamarine! Its the most standout color I think.
  6. I have a blue india Coin Purse and a navy Twiggy...

    See pic for comparison of colours...

    The leather on my 05' Twiggy is amazing!
    Coin Purse & Twiggy.jpg
  7. I think ALL of the blues look great with jeans !
  8. Me too. I love all the blues. I can't make up my mind which blue is my favorite!!!!
  9. BI is really pretty, I was just at Nordy's in Sacto, CA tonight looking at a BI first..really cute:smile::smile:
  10. Aquamarine!
  11. I love BLUE - its my fav colour! All the shade of blue you mentioned will TOTALLY go with jeans!!!
  12. All the blues are dreamy :girlsigh:
    You can't go wrong with any of those choices, IMO.
  13. Yeah I dont think you can go wrong with any blues.... I love them all!!!!
  14. I think any shade of Blue is a MUST in one's collection.. its considered as basic as Black and White..
  15. ^^^ I agree. I need a blue too. But, it's so hard to decide which blue!!