Wish i had discovered TPF before i got my Chanel...

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  1. Back in Febuary i was running round Harrods like a kid in a candy store. Should i get an Anya Hindmarch? should i get a Tods? should i get Chloe? What about Marc Jacobs? Oooooh look theres Alexandra Mcqueen...... And then i found Chanel, and i came home with a black perforated lambs leather mini flap with S/H. Don't get me wrong i love it, but i've used it about 5 times. I don't know why, but every time i get it out to use it i end up passing it over for one of my other bags. Whenever i do carry it though i feel special and elegant. However, every now and then i have thoughts of getting rid of it, but then i get it out and look at it, and i fall in love with it all over again. Since joining TPF though i have seen many other Chanel's that i love. I think i would have liked a PST, i believe i would have gotten much more use out of it. The thing is, i'm not sure if i'll be able to buy another Chanel, and i now think i got the wrong bag for me :crybaby:
    All i can do is hope that i get more use out of it in the future, as it is a very lovely bag. Just wanted to share my dilema. :shrugs:
  2. Try selling it on ebay and then put your funds towards a bag you love!
  3. ^^I agree. Start with a low starting bid but enter a reserve so that you don't "lose out" if it sells for too low.
  4. Trouble is i'm too lazy to sell it. And I do love the bag, so i'll just have to make an effort to use it more. Its just that if i'd known about TPF before i'd bought it, i think i would have made a different choice.
  5. I love my flaps but I never use them either. I prefer totes for everyday.

    However, I think you should keep yours (if you can afford to) because you will use it occasionally, over the years, for dressier events. Then you will be thrilled you still have it.

    I'm always so happy to use my flaps when I have a special occasion. They're there, waiting for me.

    I love the perforated flap. I usually don't like perforations, but Chanel's perforated lambskin is so special, gorgeous and so soft. :heart:
  6. Well, dont worry too much. Flaps hold their value pretty well. You could sell it on Ebay (after Nov 1 when increase occurs). People seem to be buying up flaps like crazy.
  7. You are right, i used it for a wedding in july, and i did feel really special with it tucked under my arm. Thanks for reminding me how special they are. :girlsigh:
  8. I absolutely agree with Jayne!Don't sell it if you really live it !:smile:
  9. oops meant" love it" lol!
  10. You should keep it! I find it a classic piece!
  11. i know what you mean. i think you have to get to know the brand and then buy the bag. when i started out,i ended up buying bags i thought i liked because i didn't know all the styles that were available which, in the end, i liked much more. they rot in my closet now..
    if you don't want to sell it on ebay, maybe a friend or colleague would like it.
  12. Keep it! There is nothing wrong with using your chanel only occasionally.
    I don't use my patent madison a lot either (think I carried it only 3 times already), but I also feel so special whenever I do carry it. I like have that one extra-special-occasion bag... :love:
  13. I have a vintage medium flap bag that I only use once in awhile, but I am always glad I have it for dressy events. These bags will never go out of style, they always look elegant, and they complete an evening outfit perfectly. I think they're a must-have!

    Now that you can see all the styles of bags that are available, you can choose your next bag--a larger day bag, perhaps, and know you made an educated decision. If you decide to sell your flap bag, I'm sure someone will snap it up!
  14. ^I agree. Especially with all of the increases lately! You could probably make a profit on it if you did decide to sell it. I think you should keep it though. If you sold it and decided later in life that you want to buy it again, the price will have shot up by hundreds of not 1k +.
  15. Thank you ladies, i feel so much better now. I will be keeping it. And i'll stop feeling bad that i have hardly used it. I'm sure it will be used many times in the years to come, and as you all say, the flaps are classics. I have to say i got it out again today, not to use but just to look at, and i remembered why i bought it in the first place it looks and feels divine :heart: Sometimes you just need reminding of these things.