Wish I had Dillards but I have a GREAT HOMIE that hooked me UP

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  1. I love love love this - jajaja NO it is NOT a Lindsey!!!!!

    A GREAT friend Tannedsilk got this for me from her Dillards - BOOOOOOOYAAAAH $98 - YES $98!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! You know how WE do it!!!!!!

    This heffa is amazing - liquid PURPLE!!!!!

    My Madison Aubergine TOTE
  2. The sparkle is so pretty!! Do you the Lindsey in this color yet?!
  3. No.....dont have L in this color ;)
    I was UNTIL T told me this deal and I could not pass it UP!!!!!
  4. Pretty purple! I could learn to love smooth patent at that price!

  5. What else I can say? bow to the queen :worthy::worthy:

  6. jajaja - PRICE makes a big difference - RIGHT
  7. Beautiful; I love that sparkly purple! The price makes it even nicer...congrats!
  8. That color is pop pop poppin'!!

  9. This reveal made me get me a RED cup and start to SIP SIP !!!
  10. The Red Solo cup..ha ha ha
  11. Haaaa!! :smile:

  12. YEP just made me a Pina Colada!!!!
  13. Yay! Love it, congrats!
  14. Twins!! I have this bag and LOVE IT!!! If I cant find a saffron linds i'm getting this baby in saffron!!
  15. Its cold out here in Chicago today..my red solo with the margarita is coming out soon:roflmfao: